TVPayz App Review


TVPayz is an innovative system that empowers users to create and host live tv channels across over 170 niches, featuring popular movies, shows, sports teams, news updates, web series & much more.

A built-in video editor that lets you edit like a pro directly from its interface. Plus, you can charge viewers to view your content!


TVPayz App Is An Innovative New Video Streaming Platform that allows users To Build And Host Their Live TV Channels From 170 Niches, including Trending Movies, Shows, and Sports News web Series.

User can monetize their channels by charging viewers for access. This provides a simple way to generate passive income while expanding brand recognition and reach. Anyone can quickly begin creating channels.

This software is ideal for anyone seeking to launch or expand an online business or earn additional income at home. Its simple user interface and a wide array of features help make money online, including streaming your videos to attract more visitors to your website or social media pages – even mobile phones or tablets can use this app!

Your channel can now include its customized video player that fits seamlessly with your branding, with a customizable design to match. Plus, with this app, you can add music or other audio tracks as well as subtitles to make videos even more engaging with viewers! Businesses of any size and browsers alike can take advantage of it!

This program offers an easy, one-click solution for starting your TV streaming channel, featuring built-in tools that make the process seamless and customizable. Furthermore, step-by-step tutorials will show you how to get up and running quickly.

Utilizing this product allows you to take advantage of the massive traffic generated by popular services like YouTube. By charging viewers a monthly or annual subscription fee for access to your content, this product ensures they remain engaged with it and continue subscribing to your channels.

One key advantage of this system is that it’s entirely cloud-based, meaning no files need to be downloaded or hosted on your computer. Furthermore, this software has encryption protocols to safeguard personal information against hackers.


If you want targeted views, traffic, and sales from your TV channel, this app may be just what you need. As the world’s first system that enables users to create and host live TV channels in 170+ niches with monthly or annual fees for viewers billed monthly or annually, additional monetization strategies like advertising or affiliate links may also be offered as options.

Its powerful built-in video editor and simple yet effective video creation capabilities give you professional-grade editing capability without needing third-party programs. Use this feature to craft movie trailers, infomercials, and promotional videos for your channel without incurring third-party costs, or make eye-catching landing pages designed to convert viewers into subscribers or buyers, all in three clicks! You can easily integrate TV channels with domains in just three steps!

The app also makes it simple and efficient for you to upload and manage a wide variety of content efficiently, offering more than two million popular movies and television episodes to find what you want quickly and easily. Plus, “My List” lets you keep your favorite films or TV series together for easy retrieval later.

TVPayz stands out as a platform designed for anyone, even novices. The creators have included step-by-step video training that explains how quickly channels can be set up. They even offer an incredible 365-day money-back guarantee!

TVPayz stands out from other streaming apps by being fully hosted on ultrafast servers so users can view your content as quickly as possible. Furthermore, its customizable layout enables users to select between vertical or horizontal formats and add their logo and branding elements – giving your channel its distinct and professional appearance. Furthermore, advertisers can create banner ads that will appear on TVPayz channels – clickable ads will then offer a commission on any purchases they make by viewers via your banner ads displayed therein!


TVPayz is an app designed to make creating and hosting live TV channels simple and efficient, loaded with trending movies, TV shows, sports programming, news updates, and web series. Furthermore, this platform offers additional monetization and privacy controls such as content locking, which enables you to charge viewers an access fee to unlock it – plus setting an automatic timer so it stays locked for minutes, hours, or days! In addition, the TVPayz platform features easy domain integration and social media sharing – offering endless entertainment!

The software includes a step-by-step video tutorial that guides you through the fastest way to launch your channels and uses its built-in video editor to create high-quality videos – no third-party editor required! Furthermore, there’s also an impressive pixel-perfect streaming experience; its servers are lightning-fast, so you can make and host as many streams as you’d like without worrying about interruption or disruption from servers running slowly or other sources.

Apps such as this enable you to monetize your channel with ads, allowing you to earn money each time someone views it. Furthermore, affiliate links can help drive additional sales and increase income, and their user-friendly nature enables you to get traffic driving in as soon as two minutes!

TVPayz stands out from similar applications by being an all-inclusive platform that provides targeted, paid, and organic traffic sources. Not just a simple livestream tool, it features various marketing options designed to produce massive results and build successful businesses. Being the first to offer such diverse options makes TVPayz essential for online marketers. So consider making it part of your arsenal today to maximize its benefits! It indeed should be regarded as a critical product.


TVPayz is the world’s first app that makes it possible to create and host live TV channels. Packed with trending movies, TV shows, sports, news, web series, and step-by-step video training that shows how quickly your stream can go live, you can create as many streams as you want and make as much money as possible!

TVPayz stands out from other streaming services by giving you more monetization and privacy control over the content of your channel, plus charging viewers a subscription fee to access its material – helping expand revenue while reaching more viewers.

With TVPayz’s powerful built-in video editor, editing videos like a pro has never been more straightforward! No third-party editors are needed; just three simple steps from start-up until making money immediately! Plus, you get free “done-for-you” hosting on their blazing-fast servers to instantly get your videos online and start making money immediately.

Simple to use and require no technical know-how or expertise, you can quickly create channels about any topic from fashion, weight loss, or finance – with various bitrate options allowing you to reach your target audience easily! Plus, you’ll start seeing targeted traffic and sales driving within just 2 minutes – giving you the power to create new income streams and start living your way! This opportunity provides the means for creating a life you design yourself!