Astral Pet Store – Chapter 1


In the world of heavenly pets, only power mattered. Strengthening a celestial pet was no straightforward process; instead, it required patience and persistence in order to achieve success.

The world-building in this webtoon is impressively comprehensive, and Baby Skeleton stands out as an incredibly memorable character. Astral Pet Store is an engaging manga series sure to appeal to fans of action and cute creatures alike.


Astral Pet Store’s world-building and characters make for an engaging narrative. The story takes place in a world in which people own magical beasts known as Astral pets to assist with daily tasks, their strength dictating social standing. Battle scenes play out against powerful Astral pets to keep things interesting while giving an immersive feel.

Character designs in Astral Pets and Otherworldly Environments are exquisite, featuring intricate artwork and stunning depictions of Astral pets and otherworldly environments. Su Ping, the MC, stands out as being well-crafted and having a distinct personality, not afraid to face his foes directly and engaging in combat with confidence, often leading to satisfying face-slapping moments between opponents. As Su levels up his combat skills, he becomes more resourceful as well as more confident – providing a great way to develop his character!

Astral Pet Store is an engaging manga with charming characters, unique world-building, and gripping fight scenes – perfect for fans of fantasy and action alike! A must-read!

Su Ping managed to become an accomplished Astral pet store owner despite coming from a low-class family by working hard and persevering. His customers appreciate him greatly, and he remains well-liked among the Astral pet community. However, there remain challenges he must contend with, such as his sister often using Astral pets against him as pranking toys.

Astral Pets are unique creatures with distinct looks and abilities that help shape the world of Astral Pet Store. Their role in society is crucial, and their different designs add entertainment value. Their practical uses range from welding to construction work; in addition, humans may contract them to help with daily tasks in daily life.

Even lowly skeletons and ancient golden dragons can wreak havoc in the Astral Pet Store world, thanks to the power of their trainers, who constantly improve their pet’s strength. So it is no wonder that even lower-level Astral pets can defeat even an enormous golden dragon after training at their pet store!


Pet strength in this world of battle pet mastering dictates everything, so they often dedicate most of their time and energy to strengthening their pets. But making low-rank pets powerful enough to overcome golden strikes is no simple task – so when a mysterious pet shop appeared offering quick and efficient training services for low-rank pets, it provided temporary relief from this long process.

Su Ping was an otherwise unknown individual who arrived in this world as a newcomer. Upon inheriting his family-owned pet store from Li Qingru – an elementary-level pet trainer herself – under her ownership, it quickly declined into disuse under Su Ping’s management and promptly turned into a rundown dump.

At first glance, he noticed the store to be somewhat rundown and smelled of urine and pet waste, with the owner disliking any pet they owned and being rude towards everyone in the shop.

After eating breakfast, he rode his bicycle to the pet store to collect Snowball. Once home, he began browsing his memories as his body belonged to its original owner – which brought back bittersweet memories as both siblings never liked each other much and lived lives of constant tension due to their rivalries.

He saw many high-rise buildings along his bike ride. He saw that most pedestrians were walking with unusual-looking pets that seemed to belong to them, realizing this was a world where pets played an essential role. Only those possessing specific core talents could form contracts with Astral Pets.

He found himself witnessing chaos at the pet store. To his amazement, an unsophisticated skeleton had managed to beat an expensive golden strike with just one blow!

Astral pets

Strength is everything when it comes to Astral Pets, so the strength of one’s pet determines everything – this is why an average Astral Pet Battle Master strives hard and slowly to build their pets up into more substantial creatures. But what if there was an Astral Pet store capable of turning ordinary pets into overlord beasts?

Su Ping is our protagonist, a former unknown who found themselves thrust into this new and strange world where Astral Pets are at the core of society and life. After inheriting his mother’s store – an official trainer with the Federation who had become famous as an Astral Pet trainer herself – it quickly went from success to failure when Su took control.

Su was frustrated that his sister was such a genius girl and accepted to Astral Pet training school with such promise, while Su failed even to enter regular university and eventually had to drop out altogether to help run their family pet shop. Their differences only increased with time.

As Su Ping explored the small pet store, he was amazed to see it was identical to what he remembered from his previous life but seemed more surreal now; cute animals in their cages appeared able to fight monsters easily! It blew his mind!

He shook his head, trying to remember what these creatures looked like before, but everything became foggy. Finally, he remembered the Phantom Flame Beast, an exotic cat capable of controlling spirits and elements – an expensive Astral Pet that cost more than his daily rent!

Astral Pet Store will unveil a shocking secret about this mysterious store and reveal new powers for its protagonist in Chapter 3, making this chapter even more thrilling for readers eager to delve deeper into Astral Pets!


Su Ping and his younger sister had always been an annoying pair, often playing pranks to taunt and torment each other. Over time, however, things changed; now Su Ping was teased and tormented by his younger sister – only when he transmigrated into this world did he learn why his sister was being so cruel!

Today’s world revolves around pet strength. A battle pet master takes great pride in developing their pet’s strength through training sessions and upgrades to their store; typically, this process lasts months or years until an unknown store appears and claims that its lowly skeleton can kill golden dragons with just one swipe!

Astral Pet Store is an action-packed manhua that will have you hooked with its fast-paced and fascinating characters, not to mention cliffhangers that will leave you wanting more! Now available on MangaBuddy in high quality for free reading: use the left/right arrow keys or click on an image of the Astral Pet Store manga page to navigate to the next page; alternatively, you can visit Manga Directory for updates of similar manga series!