Astral Pet Store Chapter 93


In an Astral Pet world where contracts could be formed between their pet Astrals, those with the most vital skills were the ones most favored by fortune – unfortunately for this pair of siblings! Sadly, they did not understand this concept!

Li Qingru was Su Ping’s mother. Their Astral Pet store at the end of a commercial street used to be quite successful, but business had recently declined since Su took over management of it.

The Phantom Flame Beast

Su Lingyue frowned, knowing her brother would attempt to take away her Phantom Flame Beast for their purposes; he probably had enough money. However, she refused to part with it since this pet had been her companion since childhood, and she felt very attached to it; furthermore, she did not believe the skeleton could defeat it.

Li Qingru was taken aback. This Phantom Flame Beast was an aggressive battle pet designed to possess spirit control and element control abilities as well as be strong in battle, killing golden dragons with one strike! How could Li’s lowly skeleton beat such an imposing foe? He could not fathom how it could happen! This Kode Promosi Webtoon works best when seen using the latest WEBTOON app version.

Su Lingyue

Su Lingyue was sitting by the table, eating congee and meat pies, when she caught sight of Snowball again after an extended absence; her lips curled as she saw him again; still angry over their last meeting, Su didn’t dare say anything out loud as to her feelings for him at this time.

Su Ping didn’t notice her stare; his attention was consumed with his food instead. A delicious spread was spread before him, which he consumed without regard for how others may perceive the situation or affect it in any way. Since nothing could change any time soon, Su Ping chose to ignore it all and move forward with life as usual.

Li Qingru was taken aback at what she heard, not anticipating Su Ping asking for help so quickly. While Li did not possess the talent required to train Astral Pets herself, this wasn’t her fault – there were people with different skills living among us, and it would not be fair to compare them.

Astral Pets were unique creatures. Explicitly bred for specific uses – like attacking, healing, or summoning – Astral Pets could be tailored with multiple abilities to improve their effectiveness in battle. Strength was of utmost importance – the stronger an Astral Pet was, the more it would benefit you in fights!

Making a powerful Astral Pet wasn’t always simple, which made finding the ideal trainer even more critical. An exceptional instructor could increase an Astral Pet’s strength and potential, changing its rank or ranking altogether; on the other hand, an unsuitable one could cause irreparable damage instead.

Su Ping could see high buildings and large mansions similar to those she saw back on Earth, except Astral Pets were walking beside many pedestrians instead of humans.

Astral Pets were trendy in this world, and people could use them to form contracts. To do this successfully required unique talents; master trainers took many years of hard work before reaching that level – however, a lousy trainer could cause irreparable damage both to pets and owners alike.

Su Ping

Su Ping slowly stood and took in his surroundings. He was in his family’s Astral Pet store; Li Qingru, his mother, was an official Astral Pet trainer and enjoyed frequent repeat customers. Although their space wasn’t ample, it was more than adequate to hold all the pets they owned.

Su Ping had never had more than an average understanding of Astral Pets due to not possessing an innate talent for them and was, therefore, unable to become an Astral Pet Warrior as his sister had done.

Su Ping suddenly remembered a video clip from that strange girl from her dream, who spoke of an Astral Pet known as Phantom Flame Beast, which could control both spirit and element energy, making it a formidable opponent against demon-possessed Astral Pets. Su Ping found herself watching it again. It showed an image of this powerful monster with great spirit control that could defeat any Astral Pet demon beast that threatened it.

Su Ping shook his head, his hands shaking uncontrollably. To calm himself down, he took a deep breath to remind himself he wasn’t living in an imaginary dream world.

Su Ping heard an unexpected and disturbing laugh that caused her to jump backward in alarm – it was clearly a ghost! To protect herself, Su Ping used some of her star power to make his hand swell up further.

After they left the canyon and entered the main area where Blood Fox was lost, they started walking forward as an enormous and majestic mountain appeared – its top boasted a peak that reached toward heaven.

Su Ping and her companions were terrified. A massive wave of dark black energy suddenly passed them by, decimating all undead in its path and even killing some – including Death Spirit! Its effects had far-reaching implications.

Phantom Flame Beast was caught off-guard and leaped quickly out of its path. Although not an equal match to this creature, which was only a low-level Little Skeleton, that did not matter; as soon as they saw Death Spirit, they launched an attack with dark black energy against it, which sent shockwaves throughout it before finally falling on to its knees and disintegrating into tiny pieces.

Li Qingru

Su Lingyue shot her brother an angry look as he devoured his congee. Her store hadn’t been performing as expected lately, and all the blame lay with her.

The store was located at the end of a commercial street. While once popular, its popularity has decreased since her son took control.

She had been an official Astral Pet trainer with the Federation and had amassed an extensive clientele of repeat business.

Now, she was just an amateur trainer with no way of changing an Astral Pet’s potential or rank – only serving them. She barely made ends meet already – now her brother was taking away all her customers! Something had to be done. She shook her head and glanced around.