Best SMG Loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone


After its revamp in Season 4, the Marco 5 has become the go-to SMG. This quick weapon offers significant damage, controlled recoil, and excellent mobility across Caldera – making it the ideal gun to rip through enemies. A great loadout should maximize damage and mobility to achieve maximum effectiveness when taking on enemies.

Although lacking range, the Fennec 45 SMG remains one of the most efficient weapons for close-quarter combat situations. When adequately loaded up with attachments like an FTAC Ultralight Hollow barrel, Commando Foregrip, and 10.5″ Sniper Barrel to reduce recoil.

Fennec 45

Fennec 45 is an impressive short-range SMG that allows players to take down enemies with its rapid-fire rate rapidly. It boasts the highest rate of fire in the game and can quickly take down foes at close range, as well as being ideal for run and gun playstyles due to its excellent mobility, allowing it to outmaneuver opponents. However, its use in long-range combat may prove challenging.

Warzone 2 players looking to bolster their Fennec 45 performance with attachments can utilize several items to improve its performance, including VLK LZR 7mW Laser and Phase-3 under barrel grip as they reduce recoil while increasing damage per bullet. Furthermore, FTAC Locktight Stock can enhance sprint, crouch, and aim walking movement speed and down-sight speed; for easier recoil control, it’s recommended to pair this weapon with a scope that keeps track of opponents’ movements.

This loadout is ideal for running and running with the Fennec Mag 45, pairing seamlessly. The Warden Package gives players aggressive gameplay benefits; Double Time and Strong Arm perks will assist players with moving around quicker while increasing the functionality of the equipment.

Fennec 45 has a fast rate of fire but suffers from poor accuracy when firing from medium range, creating problems for players relying on it for quick kills. Aiming down sights is an effective way to address this issue; Slimline Pro optic is an ideal option that improves precision and recoil control as well as compatibility with the FTAC 8.5″ Recon Barrel; adding the FTAC stock cap will further aid speed aiming as well as providing decent magazine capacity and fast reload speeds for quick kills! This build will also give players plenty of magazine capacity plus fast reload speeds while giving players decent magazine capacity and fast reload speeds!

H4 Blixen

Call of Duty’s H4 Blixen submachine gun has long been considered one of the best, first appearing in Season 3 Reloaded with an impressive arsenal that made it an effective close-quarter weapon on Dome and Hotel Royale maps. Equipped with a 9x19mm cartridge similar to that used by Sten and PPSH 41 guns, its compact form makes for quick firefights on both maps – though since being reduced in power in Season 5, its effectiveness remains viable weaponry for players who know how to use it correctly.

To obtain the H4 Blixen, players must complete an in-game challenge that requires them to use an SMG and achieve three side kills – which may be challenging if newer players are unfamiliar with its mechanics. Some tips can help players improve their performance during this challenge and unlock it faster.

The first step to buying an SMG with a suitable fire rate and recoil is selecting one with sufficient firepower and recoil to enable accurate shots at a distance. Next up is equipping it with quality attachments. For instance, the Jonsson 9-inch RMK barrel can increase range while decreasing recoil and TTK. Alternatively, you could try the Quick Kit which increases mobility, or add 7.62 Gorenko 54 Round Mags, which increase damage output and fire rate, respectively.

Once you have your ideal loadout, it is time to head out onto the map. Since H4 Blixen excels at close-quarter combat, ensure you remain close to enemies while shooting precisely. Carry an SMG as a backup in case an enemy closes in too quickly for it and needs quickly reloaded; additionally, carry a pistol as a backup just in case an SMG cannot cover.

The H4 Blixen submachine gun in Call of Duty is widely considered the top submachine gun, making it an excellent choice for close-quarters combat. Boasting superior accuracy, fire rate, range, and magazine capacity – making this weapon ideal for taking down enemies quickly in close-quarters combat – the H4 Blixen has quickly become one of the game’s favorite submachine guns.


The MP7 semi-automatic weapon is widely utilized by special operations units worldwide. This compact yet rugged SMG can easily be operated with one hand. With an extremely high fire rate that can penetrate most body armor at close range and an integral triple accessory rail capable of accommodating sound suppressors, this weapon makes an excellent choice for combat missions as it can be tailored to suit its user.

Heckler & Koch created the MP7 to meet NATO requirements for a personal defense weapon with better effectiveness against body armor than submachine guns using pistol rounds. The MP7 uses its proprietary cartridge – the 4.6x30mm, designed as a rifle round. Bottlenecked design reduces projectile size, allowing faster cyclic rate of fire with great accuracy up to 200 meters effective range.

Although not as powerful as an assault rifle, the MP7 boasts excellent stability and recoil control, making it a perfect weapon for close-range combat. It can break class 5 armor up to 200 meters away, but its damage output remains relatively low, making it less effective against nonarmored targets at longer ranges.

The MP7 is an ideal weapon for special operations units due to its compactness and versatility, featuring special ammunition designed for urban combat missions. Furthermore, its upgradeability with tactical accessories makes it easily upgrade-capable while being suppressor-ready. The MP7 is an ideal weapon for close-quarters combat and is often used with sniper rifles to maximize user sniper skills without carrying additional ammo. The MP7 is a perfect gun for police and military special-operations units alike, including SEAL Team 6 of the U.S. Navy’s Naval Special Warfare Development Group – thanks to its exceptional performance within a compact design.


The Welgun submachine gun in Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the fastest weapons, capable of cutting enemies down at lightning-fast speed. Debuted as part of Vanguard’s Season 1 update and now one of Caldera’s most sought-after options, regardless of your priorities regarding fire rate or loadout selection, there will always be an appropriate Welgun setup available to you.

This Welgun Loadout takes advantage of its impressive magazine capacity by adding a Rapid Reload attachment, which cuts back a few rounds from the default 32-round magazine. Ensure you have enough ammo to keep pace with your opponent, especially given that Welguns may suffer from inaccuracy if used too closely.

By adding the Recoil Booster muzzle attachment and 120mm Gawain Short Barrel, this weapon’s excellent hip fire accuracy can be capitalized upon with an exceptional rate of fire that rivals Black Ops Cold War’s LC10 or Vanguard’s MP40. Furthermore, its Removed Stock boosts mobility and movement speed by improving sprint-to-fire, and Polymer Grip provides more accurate sustained fire accuracy when holding down its trigger.

As the final touch, equip this Welgun with its most essential accessories. For close-range combat, train this Welgun with its E.O.D. perk for better resistance to explosive damage, while Overkill allows you to increase its damage output even further. Meanwhile, Stim gives an instant health boost whenever needed, while Semtex and Grenade perks provide ample ways of taking out multiple opponents quickly.

With some fine-tuning, the Welgun can become one of the deadliest SMGs in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. Be sure to refer back to our complete list of best SMGs in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific for additional tips and tricks, or if you’re in search of a primary weapon, try Bren or STG44, as they both provide plenty of damage from medium to the long-range when loaded correctly.