Finding the Best Dentists Near Me


If you’re on the search for a dentist, there are a variety of factors you should take into account when making your selection. Be sure that the dentist you select is reliable and professional while being affordable enough to accept your dental insurance plan. The Amazing fact about Zahnarztpraxis Bern.

Sachar’s New York dental practice thrives through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers. She treats each patient like family and offers ethical dental care at fair prices – emphasizing prevention rather than cure.

Plaza Health Dentistry

Plaza Health Dentistry is an advanced dental practice equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an outstanding staff in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Their team understands that dental health care is crucial to overall well-being and offers preventive treatments such as whitening and Invisalign, as well as cutting-edge implant technology and CEREC crowns – not to mention advanced X-ray machines, which emit 90% less radiation than conventional machines in-office machines.

Invisalign aligners are an increasingly popular solution for correcting minor overbites and crookedness of teeth, with custom-fitted clear braces designed for your smile to fix it quickly. This system is ideal for teenagers and adults looking to straighten their smiles without wires or brackets.

Root canal therapy can alleviate the discomfort caused by an inflamed or cracked tooth. It is typically performed by an endodontist – a dentist with four years of dental school and two or more years of specialty training – which is available at Plaza Health Dentistry. They understand that root canal treatments may be frightening, so their team works to make your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

This family-oriented dental office has been operating for over 30 years and provides various services, such as orthodontics. Their staff is highly knowledgeable and has experience treating patients ranging from children to senior citizens. Their team has been featured in multiple publications for their dedication to providing top-quality care within a warm, friendly, and relaxing atmosphere.

STL Urgent Dental

STL Urgent Dental’s dentists specialize in treating emergency tooth pain and other dental emergencies quickly and effectively while offering regular teeth cleanings and dental exams as part of preventative dental care to keep teeth strong and healthy – helping prevent cavities or other dental conditions – This service runs Monday-Thursday and alternate Saturdays.

This contemporary and inviting practice in downtown St. Louis and South City provides patients with a relaxing atmosphere and professional service. They offer various treatments, such as fillings, root canals, crowns, and financial planning guidance with clear explanations. Finally, their equipment is safe and non-threatening.

Many people experience dental emergencies, such as cracked or broken teeth. When this occurs, it is vital that people visit a dentist as soon as possible to avoid further damage and complications. Walk-in dentist practices that provide after-hours appointments can often offer quality care quickly. You may be able to find one in your local directory.

Koch Park Dental is an experienced, friendly, professional practice dedicated to patient comfort. Offering services including sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide laughing gas, and flexible scheduling options (open until 8  p.m. weeknights).

Borgmeyer Dental is a family-friendly practice offering top-quality care. Their experienced hygienists create an enjoyable atmosphere, while their unique themes and comfortable rooms set them apart from competitors. Plus, they accept multiple payment methods with convenient online scheduling!

USA Dental

Selecting an excellent dentist to meet your dental needs is an important task. A quality dentist can ensure healthy teeth and gums, improving overall health. Plus, choosing one may save money over time on dental bills; using online reviews as a resource will help make an educated choice and avoid unpleasant experiences. In New York, there are plenty of excellent dental offices, some of which are listed here:

USA Dental’s dentists are known to be friendly and knowledgeable. They can create tailored treatment plans for each patient by offering a range of dental services – such as root canals, crowns, and implants – along with flexible hours and competitive rates.

USA Dental denies these allegations and maintains that each dentist has complete autonomy when diagnosing and making decisions for their patient. Still, whistleblower lawsuits allege otherwise and suggest their practices and dentists may lead patients toward overtreatment.

Finding a dentist in Manhattan can be more straightforward with online reviews of each practice. A positive reputation can draw more patients. Healthgrades provides detailed profiles of dentists and millions of patient reviews of dental care services; additionally, it features an appointment booking system. Make sure it focuses specifically on specific treatments or bedside manners; generic reviews won’t do justice regarding visibility and appointments. A well-written review can dramatically boost visibility for any practice, resulting in more appointments being booked with them.

Lucie Dental

Lucie Dental is a family-friendly dental practice offering comprehensive dental care to their patients. Their dentists are experienced, gentle, and patient, collaborating closely with multiple specialists to deliver excellent service. In addition, Lucie offers cosmetic dentistry services such as implants and crowns.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, boasts an excellent dental practice. Patients appreciate its clean and welcoming environment and clear explanations of procedures. Their courteous and professional staff make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved and offer convenient office hours!

This dental office features friendly, helpful staff that is perfect for patients with busy lives. Their wide array of services includes teeth cleaning, fillings, repairs, extended office hours, and the acceptance of most insurance plans. Their dentists are skilled and knowledgeable, and the office always remains clean and organized – additional benefits include extended office hours.

Our office features the latest technologies and boasts a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. The staff is highly trained and offers exceptional customer service, and the dentists take time to explain treatments thoroughly.

Patients highly rate this family-oriented dental office. Patients love its attentive staff and high-quality care provided by Dr. Cusato – years of experience make him an experienced, compassionate practitioner; in contrast, his friendly, accommodating staff treats each patient like family.

St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry

This pediatric dental practice offers a comfortable atmosphere for kids. Their office is clean and organized, the staff friendly and helpful, their dentists highly skilled and compassionate with their patients, they offer various toothpaste flavors and movies to keep children occupied while waiting for an appointment, and they have an efficient billing/scheduling process as well as efficient billing/scheduling processes. This clinic makes an excellent choice for families seeking local pediatric dentistry practices specializing in pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Craig Hollander is an esteemed pediatric dentist known for providing exceptional oral care to children. With 32 years of experience and dedication to dental hygiene promotion among his patients, he graduated from the University of Missouri School of Dentistry before going on to complete a one-year hospital dental residency at Miami Children’s Hospital Coral Gables – also holding a Master’s in Child Life Studies as an added credential.

The Hills Dental Care is a modern dental office offering competitive pricing, exceptional insurance benefits, and friendly staff and hygienists with knowledge about modern techniques. The Hills Dental Care also offers various dental procedures, such as fillings and crowns.

This family dental office can be found conveniently near St. Louis bus lines. Their professional yet friendly staff makes every effort to deliver an enjoyable patient experience, such as providing regular cleanings and fluoride treatments and preventive services like fluoride treatments and fluoride varnish treatments – not forgetting to accept many types of health insurance plans! This location makes this practice ideal for families searching for local dentists in St. Louis.

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