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Nigeria is a multiethnic and culturally diverse West African country composed of 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory and an oil-producing nation. Find out the best info about NewsNow Nigeria.

Nigerian news reporting places a strong emphasis on speed. Unfortunately, however, fewer stories exist regarding steps the public can take to protect itself.

Daily Post

Daily Post is an influential newspaper in Nigeria that publishes news and articles about local issues, politics, and events, as well as business and entertainment. Additionally, this newspaper provides financial reports and stock market information, and its online version offers various articles and blogs covering diverse subjects.

Nigeria’s top police chief has pledged to punish anyone engaging in homosexual behavior and has stated that Nigeria will never emulate Western culture. Bright Edafe, leader of Nigeria’s police force, said homosexuals should be executed by firearm. Furthermore, he asserted that their government would never permit homosexuality or rape to continue.

Philip Shaibu, Edo State Deputy Governor, has pledged his allegiance to Godwin Obaseki as the governorship candidate of their party. He described their differences as simply politics.

Nigeria’s football team could fall short of qualifying for the 2024 Olympics in Paris after being placed into Group C with South Korea and Sweden. Although currently fifth with five points – setting them outside qualifying spots – coach Joachim Low has denied the possibility of any changes before the end of the season.

Premium Times

Nigerian newspaper website provides current and recent news stories and an archive of back issues searchable by issue number.

Nigeria’s press has long been seen as an essential pillar of democracy and a source of information for the masses. Even during its struggle for independence, many practitioners of Nigeria’s press braved censorship and other forms of oppression to ensure that people were well informed. Even after democracy had been secured, some news providers continued providing accurate news to inform people accurately; even through military intrusion and rising corruption issues, Nigeria’s press continued its fight for its ideals steadfastly.

Premium Times has earned a reputation as one of Nigeria’s premier newspapers for its investigative reporting and in-depth analyses, garnering various accolades, including winning “Website/Blog of the Year” at the 2013 Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards and being nominated for the Pulitzer Prize by participating journalists during Panama Papers investigation exposing corruption and offshore tax havens patronized by influential individuals.

Since then, Premium Times has experienced several attempts at intimidation. On February 20, two men visited Musikilu Mojeed, a reporter with Premium Times. According to CPJ reports, these individuals asked Mojeed to stop his investigations and threatened his life if he did not comply. They then drove off in a car with tinted windows.

The Guardian

The Guardian, founded as an alternative workers’ newspaper following its closure, is published daily and has an international edition known as the Guardian US. It adheres to liberal democratic traditions such as republicanism; the state exists to create conditions in which citizens may reach their potential as human beings. Furthermore, it holds that citizens have rights and responsibilities that must be upheld.

This newspaper enjoys a wide readership, and its website hosts both current news and an archive of three million stories, which can be browsed free of charge by visitors to one of the UK’s most popular newspaper websites. Although they were attacked with cyber malware in 2022, staff kept publishing the site while working from home and continuing operations as usual.

Chris Elliott, The Guardian Readers’ Editor, upheld reader complaints that articles contained anti-Semitic language and revised them accordingly. He wrote: “Guardian reporters, writers, and editors must be more cautious when selecting language to describe Jews or Israel.”

2004 The Guardian launched its Berliner format, similar to the German publication Die Tageszeitung and the French daily Le Monde. The change made The Guardian slightly more significant than traditional tabloids; sister publication The Observer followed suit. GMG signed an agreement with Trinity Mirror to outsource the printing of both papers.

The Sun

The Sun newspaper of Lagos, Nigeria, was established in 2001 and publishes daily. With an approximate daily circulation of 130,000 copies, The Sun targets young adults aged 18-45 from social classes A, B, and C. It has similar tones to its British tabloid equivalent, though they are unrelated. Although similar in name and style to The Sun in Britain, The Sun in Nigeria does not directly report the truth. It features sensationalist headlines often found elsewhere – although its founder, Dele Sy, is an ex-journalist with eight volunteers helping him keep tabs on subscriptions via index cards – frequent lawsuits tend not to succeed against him – once he paid $2,000 legal fees against him after losing such litigation was filed against him by one such plaintiff who filed a successful suit against him that resulted in him paying legal fees totaling to settle one such case against him!

Using a descriptive survey design, this study sought to investigate the frequency and theme coverage of Nigeria’s “Daily Sun” Newspaper on COVID-19 pandemic awareness. Data were collected through a content review in 92 editions from March through May 2020,” and the results revealed its high effectiveness at disseminating information related to COVID-19 pandemic awareness.

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