How to Book Sainik Rest House Online


Sainik rest houses offer military personnel and their families an affordable accommodation solution at reasonable rates, making their booking even more accessible through an online platform.

Ex-servicemen and their widows must visit the respective Zila Sainik Board/Rajya Sainik Board for various needs, such as resettlement issues, medical treatment, legal advice, pension entitlement, canteen facilities, etc.

Check the availability

Sainik Rest Houses are an integral component of military life and provide comfort and support to personnel on the move. Often located in remote and semi-urban locations where accommodation may be scarce, many Sainik rest houses now feature online booking capabilities, making it easier for soldiers and their families to reserve rooms during travels. Booking at KSB websites usually has an intuitive, user-friendly interface to simplify this process of making reservations.

As soon as you decide where you will travel, check if a Sainik rest house is available in that location. Most websites will offer search bars so you can enter your dates and destination to locate available rooms; additional criteria such as preferred type of room and number of people can also be entered to narrow your results further. Once complete, compare prices and amenities before selecting your ideal destination!

Once you have found a Sainik rest house that meets your needs, it’s time to make a reservation. The process is typically straightforward and fast – provide basic information such as your name, contact details, and travel dates – though some KSB websites allow users to create accounts in order to expedite this process and book multiple rooms simultaneously.

Plan when booking your stay at a Sainik Rest House; this will avoid last-minute inconveniences and help ensure you can get the room of your choice. Plus, booking ahead typically results in reduced prices!

Zila Sainik Boards and Rajya Sainik Boards oversee their respective Sainik Rest Houses, while the Ministry of Defence contributes 50 percent towards the construction and maintenance costs of each Sainik Rest House. An excellent example is Naraina’s Central Sainik Ret House, which was officially inaugurated by Honorable Defence Minister Shri Arun Jaitley on 23rd July 2017 alongside Chiefs from the Army Staff, Air Force, and Navy along with Secretary Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare Secretary Department Secretary Department.

Select the desired location.

Sainik rest houses are an integral component of India’s Armed Forces Welfare system, offering affordable yet comfortable accommodations to military personnel during temporary travel or relocation. Under the auspices of Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB), these rest houses can be found across India, allowing service personnel and their families easy access. Their rates offer great value for money, making Sainik rest houses an ideal option for service members on the go.

Before booking a room at a Sainik Rest Home, candidates must meet eligibility requirements. Eligible candidates include veterans, active military personnel, and their families; you can access a list of Sainik rest homes by visiting Fouji Adda or KSB websites and finding one that meets your specifications online – then make your reservation through these same websites.

Many Sainik rest houses now offer online booking facilities, making the process of making reservations much more straightforward than before. Booking portals typically provide multiple payment methods such as credit/debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets – once you choose your payment option, you can complete your transaction and reserve a room at your Sainik rest house of choice!

When booking a room at a Sainik Rest House, be sure to do it well in advance. Doing this will ensure you can secure the space you want without being turned away at the last minute. Furthermore, some Sainik Rest Houses require advance payments that can be completed online via their booking portals.

Government housing projects on defense land continue apace; one such building is the Central Sainik Ret House at Naraina in New Delhi, which costs Rs 8 crore and will be maintained by KSB. On 23 July 2017, Defence Minister Shri Arun Jaitley inaugurated it alongside the Army Staff chief, Air Staff chief, Naval Staff chief, and Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, amongst other senior officers present.

Make the payment

Sainik Rest Houses are an essential element of military welfare systems, offering affordable and comfortable lodging to servicemen and their families. Conveniently located across many cities and towns for travel or temporary postings, these rest houses also foster camaraderie among military personnel as they create a sense of community among them.

Recently, the government has begun making military accommodations more accessible through online booking. This process is typically user-friendly, allowing you to select an accommodation date and location of choice before paying to confirm it.

Online booking portals often provide multiple payment methods for your reservation fee, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets. Select one that best meets your needs before following the instructions to make payment successfully – once complete; you will receive an email containing a unique reservation ID number as proof.

Recently, Sainik rest houses have expanded beyond serving only ex-servicemen or their official family members to welcome civilians as well. Operated by Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB), these facilities offer temporary accommodation to military personnel on temporary assignments or travel. 36 Vishram Grahs are serving nationwide and provide accommodation at concessionary rates to ex-servicemen and their dependents.

Reservation at a Sainik rest house involves several steps, such as checking availability, selecting an ideal location, and making payment. If you’re seeking to secure your space at one of these rest houses as early as possible – and avoid any potential issues by booking it 15 days in advance – it is critical.

Online Sainik rest house booking can save time and hassle, with its straightforward process made accessible for anyone. Check availability and make reservations through various channels such as Fouji Adda or the KSB website; alternatively, you may even prefer calling ahead to reserve a room directly.

Confirm the booking

Sainik Rest Houses are an integral component of the Indian Armed Forces welfare system, offering affordable yet comfortable lodging to military personnel during temporary postings or personal travel. Operated and managed by Kendriya Sainik Board KSB, these accommodations can accommodate serving and retired personnel along with their dependents – an excellent solution for travelers searching for convenient yet cost-effective accommodations during their journeys. Throughout India, there are various locations of these KSB-run establishments providing timely yet cost-efficient stays during travels.

KSB’s online booking process is simple and user-friendly, enabling you to check availability, select a location, and make reservations without physically visiting our facility. Access your preferred Sainik Rest House’s website and follow their instructions; provide basic information like your name and contact information along with travel dates before proceeding with booking your room(s).

After making your reservation, an email confirming its details and an individual reservation ID will be sent directly to your inbox. This allows you to track it as any changes occur quickly or to keep up with any customer support calls for any questions about it that might arise. Furthermore, many Sainik Rest Houses provide customer support services should questions arise during your stay.

Essential to keep in mind is that booking rooms at Sainik Rest Houses require fitting into one of three categories.

Rest Houses are constructed on defense land and managed by respective Rajya/Zila Sainik Boards, with 50% of their costs shared by the Indian government. Serving military personnel are eligible to occupy rooms at discounted rates, while any vacant spaces may be given away to non-defense personnel in order to make the Rest Houses financially sustainable; such decisions are taken carefully as servicemen must meet specific criteria before being allowed access to rest houses facilities; similarly, ex-servicemen cannot engage in undesirable acts like being drunk or engaging in unruly behavior – such decisions cannot be taken lightly either!