How to Delete a Flipkart Account


Before deleting your Flipkart account, it is essential to be mindful of a few points. First and foremost, ensure no active orders or returns remain.

Deactivating your account means it will no longer be accessible from all devices where it was previously logged in and will no longer be visible to others, and promotional emails will stop coming directly to you.

1. Log in to your account

Flipkart is one of India’s leading eCommerce platforms and can be an excellent way to both buy and sell items online. But at times, you may wish to close your account due to personal circumstances or changes in shopping preferences; therefore, you must understand how this process works before making this decision.

Deleting your account can often be irreversible, and your order history and personal data will be permanently removed from Flipkart. Luckily, however, there are a few steps you can take to protect both your privacy and security when using Flipkart. First of all, ensure you’re signed in to your account. Click on the three-dot menu at the top right of either app/website to log in. This allows access to account settings.

Next, click “Edit profile,” followed by “Deactivate Account,” and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your deactivation request. An OTP will be sent directly to either your registered email or phone number, and security questions will need to be answered as part of this process before being asked to choose a new password.

Before closing down your Flipkart account, it’s essential that all pending orders have been paid off, any refunds/returns issued, and all customer interactions through Flipkart completed.

Clearing your search history regularly is an effective preventative measure against cyber threats, minimizing the amount of data stored on your account, which reduces potential breaches. For more tips and tools to enhance online privacy further, check out GoNukkad.

2. Go to Settings

Are You Thinking About Deactivating Your Flipkart Account? Notifying the Company: It is essential to notify Flipkart of this change to prevent unnecessary charges or penalties; additionally, if there are pending orders or refunds, it would be advisable to complete them prior to deactivating your account.

Deleting your Flipkart account should be relatively straightforward. First, log into your account using either your email or mobile number; then, navigate to My Account Account Settings, where there will be a “Deactivate account” link. Once clicked, you will be asked for your password to complete the process.

After deactivating your account on Flipkart, you will no longer be able to shop there and will no longer receive promotional emails from them. At any point, you can reactivate it by signing in using your old email or phone number – this process will restore all data and default settings, yet your account will remain deactivated until further notice.

Flipkart collects user search histories to provide them with a more tailored shopping experience and to understand their interests and purchasing patterns. However, if you wish to delete it, there are various methods available; clearing it from either website/app should do it for you.

Depending upon the website or app, you may be required to use a checkbox or select an explanation for deactivating your account. In some instances, verification may involve entering your password or clicking a verification link in a message sent by us.

3. Click on Deactivate account

If you wish to discontinue shopping on Flipkart, deleting your account is easy and painless by following these steps: Click “Deactivate Account” in “Settings”, enter your password, and deactivate account – an efficient method that won’t leave any of your data at risk.

Flipkart mobile app users can also deactivate their account using the menu icon in the upper-right corner and selecting “account settings.” Once in this settings menu, click on “deactivate account” to confirm their request. Alternatively, contact our customer support team if this doesn’t work out for them.

Once your account is deleted, all information saved within will become unavailable to you – such as order history, saved addresses, and points in your Flipkart wallet. Any ongoing promotions or pending orders could also be lost, so make sure that any subscriptions or subscription renewals are canceled before deleting your account.

If you have a Pay Later account with Flipkart, you can close it by calling their customer service center and informing them. After closing, it will be removed from your CIBIL score within 2-3 months; should you want to reactivate your account, log into it with your password and log out again.

Flipkart allows multiple accounts as long as they use unique email and phone numbers for each. However, if you are concerned that someone might gain access to one, use their “forgot password” feature to change it immediately.

4. Enter your password

Flipkart accounts may need to be deleted for various reasons – it might no longer meet your needs, there may be better alternatives available, or you’re moving onto another platform altogether. No matter the cause for closure, doing so is a straightforward and painless process.

Before proceeding with any orders or shipping addresses you have saved, ensure a backup copy is created of all your data. This can be accomplished by logging into your account and heading directly to the Settings tab – here, you can export all your information as an Excel file or close your account using “Close Account” under the Settings tab.

If your account has been compromised due to a security breach, contact customer service immediately and let them know so that they may help reactivate it. It is also wise to use strong passwords across all websites you visit in order to prevent fraudsters from exploiting data breaches at these websites by taking over your account and hijacking it themselves.

To deactivate your Flipkart seller account, log in with the email address or phone number used when creating it and navigate to “Account Information.” From here, there will be an option for closing your account, which requires entering both the password and reason for closing your account before selecting “Close Account.” This process will erase your order history from the website as well as prevent anyone else from accessing it or receiving promotional emails from it in the future.

5. Click on Deactivate account

No matter if it’s temporary or permanent, knowing how to close a Flipkart seller account permanently is vitally essential for safeguarding personal data and being able to reactivate it in the future if need be.

First, log into your account on the website. To deactivate an account, go to My Account in the top right corner and then “Deactivate account.” When prompted for password or security questions, enter them when prompted and choose why you want to deactivate. Click Continue once chosen, and it will take you through to completion.

Once your decision to close your account has been confirmed, 2-3 months should pass for it to be removed from CIBIL ultimately; this process could be longer if you have an ongoing payment account such as Pay Later.

When you decide to reactivate your Flipkart account, all your data will be restored with default settings reapplying. Log in using the email address/phone number/password you used when the report was initially set up – as an added benefit, you’ll also begin receiving promotional emails from Flipkart again!

If you no longer wish to use Flipkart – Online Shopping App on your iPhone, hold its icon until it begins shaking and click on its X to delete. Alternatively, go into Settings, General, then “iPhone Storage,” and “Offload Unused Apps” to free up space on your phone.