Imagination Station Learning Center


Imagination Station Learning Center has long been known for its superior education services. At their Center, they emphasize teaching children holistically – including socially and emotionally – so that they may reach their full potential.

Change is inevitable, but they have learned to embrace it at Imagination Station by keeping an open mind and responding more quickly and effectively.

Preschool Programs

Imagination Station Learning Center is a full-service early education and childcare facility providing infant care and preschool programs. Their top-rated childcare services and high-quality activity-based curriculum designed to meet each child’s specific needs are just some of their many offerings. Furthermore, our welcoming environment features teachers with extensive qualifications who share a genuine enthusiasm for supporting young minds’ growth.

This program emphasizes holistic development for each child, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Children also develop a love of learning that continues throughout their lives. Staff understand each child is unique and value their differences; teachers tailor lessons according to student abilities while making learning enjoyable for all students.

Our Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool program allows students to discover their interests and develop new ones through teacher-guided play. It emphasizes holistic development for each child and prepares them for kindergarten while encouraging engagement with the world and healthy expression of feelings through healthy expression of emotions in an age-appropriate manner. Furthermore, the school provides numerous enrichment activities like science festivals and field trips that add further fun and educational experiences for our young ones.

Part-Time Programs

Imagination Station Learning Center is a family-owned and operated childcare/learning business. They aim to foster an interest in learning in their students while also preparing them for academic success. Offering programs for children aged 6 weeks-5 years with flexible scheduling arrangements for parents.

Part-time programs at Imagination Station provide families who want their kids to adjust to structured schooling and socialization with other children an excellent option for getting used to formalized educational environments and socialization with others. It also serves parents who work full-time but do not require their kids all day long. Furthermore, our special needs program supports our students who may require assistance with fastening clothing or wiping themselves, such as students with physical disabilities preventing them from fastening themselves up or wiping themselves off independently.

Before & After School Programs

Children can learn in a safe and enjoyable environment at our before and after-school programs. We take time to get to know every child individually, helping them think creatively and critically while cultivating an enjoyment of learning that will last throughout their lives.

Imagination Station offers many enrichment programs. Extreme Science demonstrations give students a unique look at fundamental scientific principles; students can witness water defying gravity or metal sparks flying off into space! Furthermore, Think Tank workshops allow children to investigate content that may be difficult for teachers to teach in class – dissecting a cow’s eye or creating an electronic greeting card are just some examples!

Imagination Station is a licensed childcare business that welcomes all children, including those with special needs. However, their enrollment process can be lengthy and confusing: parents must complete an enrollment packet containing an extensive list of rules before enrolling their child at this center; furthermore, if you are unhappy with the care your child receives, then your fee won’t be refunded either; so it is wise to do your research before paying an enrollment fee for childcare services.

Summer Camps

Imagination Station offers summer camps to tap into children’s natural curiosity and creativity. Campers can explore outer space, become inventors, or design games. Each week-long camp costs $250 for members or $275 for non-members; financial assistance may also be available in Ohio families.

Mind-Blowing Fun Summer Camp will give your little astronaut an adventure through space and magic, from rockets and rovers to the solar system and comets safely back to Earth. Growing Things summer camp will allow your child to discover how everything grows – planting seeds to watch them sprout, dissecting flowers, and working together on new inventions with others to develop ideas; all are vital ingredients of an incredible learning experience!

Join STEM during Inventor’s Camp this summer, where your child can design and construct an original invention daily! Additionally, enjoy games, designing costumes, and delicious meals while learning a lot!