Large Kitchen Trash Cans


If your kitchen generates a significant amount of waste each day, a 13-gallon capacity kitchen trash can will likely be necessary to store it all. These bins usually fit standard trash bags. Obtain the Best information about سطل زباله کابینتی.

These units are typically constructed out of stainless steel that has been treated to be fingerprint- and odor-resistant, boasting an extremely durable structure that can withstand all forms of weather conditions.

Songmics Dual-Compartment Trash Can

This trash can is ideal for anyone who wants to separate waste and recycle aesthetically without sacrificing style. With its sleek brushed stainless steel finish and fingerprint-resistant surface that prevents smudging, its stylish appearance remains stylish as it keeps waste and recyclables separated while being easy to keep tidy. A foot pedal on each side opens and closes each bin hands-free; lockable foot pedals keep children or pets out.

These two buckets feature an 11-gallon capacity each, offering enough room for most people to keep their garbage and recycling separate. A large lid on one side keeps contents secure while you put away groceries or cook, opening to provide easy access. In both bins, you can use standard 13-gallon trash bags, while the included bag rings keep your chest securely closed.

If you’re searching for a dual-compartment trash can with extra features, this model comes equipped with a carbon odor filter to reduce typical trash smells – giving you longer between haul-outs! You have the option of either powering it with batteries or via AC adapter; just be sure to place it somewhere with access to an outlet!

This dual trash can’s motion sensor is another impressive feature, helping keep kids or pets out of the trash can. Furthermore, its lid opens and closes slowly so as to not make an audible sound when opening or closing it. Finally, should you prefer keeping it open during non-use days, there is a switch located on the backside of its lid for that purpose.

Kohler products are well-regarded, and this dual trash can from Kohler certainly lives up to its reputation for quality. Boasting a sleek stainless steel finish that complements any kitchen decor and fingerprint-resistance, its convenient foot pedal opens/closes both bins with ease for suitable garbage collection/disposal without reaching over tall cupboards or around corners. You can use standard 13-gallon garbage bags in it as they come equipped with an easy dispenser to store them!

Sterilite Dual-Compartment Trash Can

If you want a trash can that does more than collect garbage, consider one of the dual-compartment models available today. These allow you to easily separate recyclables from regular trash while cutting back on trips outside; some models even feature different colored bins, so it is easy to identify what you’re throwing away! Just be sure that each compartment can hold enough trash; some models have considerably more.

Your trash can include both a lid and a handle. A foot pedal lid opens automatically to avoid touching the can directly and reduce germ and bacteria spread. A handle allows easy lifting of inner buckets for emptying and cleaning purposes; in addition, some lids swing wide enough to accommodate large items.

Some plastic trash cans feature handles that fold flat and lock into place for a cleaner, sleeker appearance; others boast contemporary designs with smooth surfaces and are easier to keep clean than metal cans while also costing significantly less than their long-lasting counterparts.

Sterilite’s cylindrical trash can boasts an attractive modern aesthetic, making it the ideal choice for smaller spaces. The domed lid swings open and closed for hands-free disposal of pet litter, while its smooth textured surface makes cleaning simple.

Consideration should also be given to size and capacity when purchasing a trash can, typically measured in gallons or liters. A 13-gallon can suffice for most households; however, more extensive options are more suitable depending on your family’s waste generation or available space in your home.

Your ideal kitchen trash can should be sturdy yet stylish enough to blend seamlessly into the rest of your decor. Be sure to look for one with a secure bag-securing mechanism, along with an excellent liner that can withstand regular use. Stainless steel models outlive plastic models due to being more robust. However, plastic models tend to absorb odors faster.

SimpleHuman 18-Liter Butterfly Step Can

Stainless steel trash cans are widely considered the gold standard of kitchen garbage bins due to their durability and longevity, as well as their contemporary appearance that complements numerous decor styles. When choosing the appropriate stainless steel trash can for your space, take into account factors like size, capacity, and lid design.

Rubbermaid Classic Step-On 13-Gallon Trash Can With Lid is an ideal large trash can with an integrated pedal, easy cleaning interior, and a 13-gallon capacity. Compatible with standard kitchen trash bags, its sturdy steel frame, and LinerLock bag arms help secure bags to their places, keeping them from sliding off or into the can itself. Plus, its lid opens automatically whenever you step on its pedal – no touching required! – saving germs or odors from spreading between touches!

SimpleHuman 18-Liter Butterfly Step Cans offer a smaller footprint with their distinctive butterfly lid design that opens from the center, giving more clearance and fitting into tight spaces where more giant trash cans won’t. Their innovative lid design and patented lid-shox technology will guarantee smooth and quiet operations over the years to come.

The can’s fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish makes cleaning it effortless, while its slim profile complements your home decor seamlessly. Plus, its sleek shape helps hide the liner better for a cleaner disposal experience!

This trash can comes with two removable buckets to separate trash and recyclables, featuring convenient opening and closing handles to quickly dispose of waste while collecting bottles, cans, and other recyclables in one trip. Both buckets are dishwasher-safe for added ease in keeping your can looking its best! To prevent odors from developing in your can, it’s recommended to line it with simplehuman’s code H liners, which fit securely without bunching up or sliding; double-seam construction helps avoid tears and rips in the fabric that form the lines.

Brabantia Bo Trash Can

Dutch design brand Brabantia’s sleek and stylish waste bin proves that practical can also be beautiful. This model sits flush against the wall and more closely resembles furniture than a kitchen trash can, making it suitable for elegant cabinets or modern bars. The lid opens easily with just one touch, closing silently and odor-free afterward.

It features separate trash and recycles compartments to help reduce cross-contamination risks, and its adjustable non-slip feet make emptying or cleaning it much more straightforward.

Online reviews rave that this bin is easy to operate with its foot pedal opening/closing mechanism and its large capacity – 13 gallons or 50 liters can fit inside. Many reviewers found it ideal for studio apartments and smaller homes where space is at a premium since its compact size fits in corners easily. While not as sturdy as some more expensive models we tested, it should still last years of everyday use without denting or bending over time.

This trash can features an easy-to-wipe stainless steel finish and comes equipped with Brabantia’s custom trash bags explicitly designed to fit perfectly. Each bag clips easily onto the lid and features anti-slip technology to keep it from shifting during movement. It also features a handy notch at its top for tucking excess bags away – this feature doesn’t work with generic bags, so only use Brabantia bags for this feature!

Plastic inner buckets of this can are removable for easy cleaning and to prolong their life span, plus dishwasher-safe to facilitate quick cleanup. Although it might not be as sturdy as some of our more costly options, this Brabantia trash can still stand up well against bends and denting, making it suitable for smaller kitchens.

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