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Solely Found is a Tumblr blog maintained by Michelle Dirkse of Seattle that showcases smartphone photos of shoes mysteriously abandoned on public streets or sidewalks. These soles, often decorated with amusing captions, raise questions about who left them behind and why their footwear ended up abandoned. Solely Found is not alone in documenting lost footwear either: other blogs also catalog this form of lost shoe inventorying.


O’Sole is the deity of sun and light in the Okami game series. Her name alludes to Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun in Japanese mythology; the Celestial Dusting weapon serves as an allusion to Amaterasu as well as the song “O Sole Mio.” Additionally, O’Sole can spawn plants while running, which parallels Amaterasu’s weapon abilities.

She’s a tall, gorgeous woman with size 11 feet that she loves to show off by wiggling them around. When people stare at them, she enjoys masturbating. She takes great delight in showing them off.


A young female boss wears a long sweater to work and notices that her coworker across from her has been gazing at her feet for some time. She smiles and tells him about the beautiful shoes on her feet; in response, he compliments them, and she laughs while blushing as she thinks about how beautiful her size sixteen bare soles genuinely are.

Your mom loves letting you tickle her big, sensitive soles. She lies down on the couch and wiggles her toes to show how much her body twitches. She knows just how much you want to touch her but begs you not to hurt her in doing so, but you are so tempted to tickle them hard and long yourself!


When your friend’s adorable orthopedist tells her she needs to begin exercises to strengthen the muscles in her feet, you want to assist but are also intrigued to see her bare soles since her long shoes obstruct most of them. So you sneak into her room and sneak a peek – taking care not to wake her up too much!

Your new secretary is an irresistibly beautiful beauty with beautiful feet that you find hard to resist, so when she first enters the office, you find yourself staring. Determined to get better acquainted, you invite her over for dinner one night, but be warned – tickling those big, squirming feet could end up tickling!


No matter its form or material, something about feet always strikes our interest. From lost shoes and lonely soles to missing people and what happened to their owners – these questions compel us all. Solely Found attempts to provide answers by gathering smartphone photos of found shoes along with captions from around the country. A similar endeavor exists with Mysterious Shoes of San Francisco, which attempts to do precisely the same thing.

Experience this trend and share your opinion! Check it out and experience a fetishized foot fetish in person, then tell us about it.


Follow On Saturday afternoon when in the library, you come across your favorite teacher sitting at a table grading assignments, her size 11 feet up on the desk wiggling. Your gaze cannot stop wandering to those beautiful soles until they meet with masturbation that shakes and convulses until she looks right back at you – or until your body quakes with excitement until your heartbeat quickens at what lies before.

Your young female boss is both brilliant and delightfully friendly and playful. When you walk by her hotel room unweary yet, she beckons you into her bedroom, where you compliment her on her stunning feet – to which she responds by laughing outright and asking if they are ticklish – which prompts you to tickle them more gently than intended!



Your young female boss is both intellectually stimulating and enjoyable to work with, making for an excellent combination. Before attending a major conference, you stop by her hotel room and find that her feet were on the sofa, resting them with soles up on them – you complimented them, and she giggled, creating fantasies in which you would lick them after complimenting her on them – leaving you to sleep that night feeling guilty for doing such an indecent thing! Follow

Her feet are beautiful – she should post more photos! As a yoga teacher, perhaps she’ll share workout pictures as well.