Solid Body Electric Ukulele


Most people envision ukuleles as small acoustic instruments purchased in gift shops to play Hawaiian music, however, these instruments come in various sizes and amplifier systems that allow users to amplify them for use on stage.

The Flight Pathfinder electric ukulele is an exquisite solid-body electric ukulele, and it sounds even better! It is complete with its gig bag to protect it while traveling.


Solid-body electric ukuleles can be enjoyed both plugged in and unplugged, making them unique among their counterparts in that they feature pickups that allow the player to plug the instrument directly into an amplifier or home audio system for playing effects pedals or other equipment. A traditional acoustic-electric ukulele has a hole that amplifies sound through resonance; solid-body electric ukuleles use pickups instead.

The Kala tenor solid-body electric ukulele is handcrafted from either flame maple or acacia and comes equipped with its own custom padded gig bag. LR Baggs has provided its dual-humbucking pickup with a volume knob inset on its top surface for effortless playability that recalls acoustic ukuleles while offering plenty of effect pedal options for customization and enhanced playing experiences.

This beautiful transparent black finish brings out the wood’s natural beauty. This instrument boasts a mahogany body and neck with modern offset inlays, rosewood fingerboard, a hardtail fixed bridge that produces consistent string spacing, a dual cutaway design that makes accessing higher frets accessible, and a soft case and tuner complete this package.

Built for professional musicians, this ukulele features an on-board preamp equipped with a tuner, volume control, and a three-way switch that enables you to shape your sound. Bound with mahogany for optimal tonal projection, even unplugged, the onboard preamp allows the integration of external effect pedals for an authentic tone.

The Pixelmator semi-hollow body tenor electric ukulele is an exquisite blend of modern and vintage styles, featuring a striking black finish for an eye-catching appearance at both homes and on stage. Packed with premium features that will meet the needs of any player – such as its dual humbucking pickup with its volume/tone controls, chrome hardware, back-through stringing system to deliver whole tone sustain as well as its 20mm padded gig bag – it makes the ideal instrument.


If you’re shopping for a solid-body electric ukulele, there are many great choices out there. Choose between models made of wood or other materials, and some even feature electronics to enable plug-in playing, making these instruments great options for those wanting amplification when playing their instrument and less likely to experience feedback issues than hollow-body acoustic-electric models.

Flight Vanguard’s Solid Body, a Transparent Purple Electric Ukulele, is designed to deliver both beauty and sound. Crafted of mahogany with classic flamed maple transparent purple veneer for a stunning appearance and sound output. The rosewood fingerboard on its mahogany neck helps produce rich tones for an ideal sound, as do its hardtail fixed bridge and dual humbucker pickups that ensure high-quality output.

This concert-size ukulele features a USB port, making it easier to connect MP3 players and headphones. With its unique design and slightly smaller body than typical tenor models, its unique sound makes this instrument perfect for home or stage performances alike! At just under $300, it makes an affordable addition to any collection.

The Flight Centurion Vintage Burst Solid Body Tenor Electric Ukulele is another fantastic choice if you’re in search of an excellent steel-string electric ukulele. Featuring a single-cutaway body with a vintage burst flame maple veneer top, mahogany neck, bound fretboard, closed gear tuners on the guitar-style headstock, and custom padded gig bag storage capabilities, this ukulele makes an excellent companion while traveling.

If you are considering purchasing a solid-body electric ukulele, you must choose a suitable wood. When selecting your wood type, ensure it is both of high quality and long-term durability to ensure long-term playback of the instrument. Furthermore, invest in a quality humidifier that can prevent cracking due to dry climates or rapid temperature shifts.


Unplugged, the sound of a solid-body electric ukulele will resemble that of its acoustic counterpart, but once plugged into an amplifier, it becomes alive with tonal possibilities that would not otherwise be achievable using only an acoustic instrument.

Solid-body electric ukuleles utilize pickups to convert string vibrations into an electrical signal that can be amplified. Like guitars with pickups and amplifiers, solid-body electric ukuleles use pickups to convert string vibration into an electrical signal that can then be amplified – similar to how solid-body guitars use pickups but much smaller and lighter for easier portability in small spaces where setting up a full-sized guitar would not be feasible or where practicality makes such a solution less appealing.

Some of the finest electric ukuleles come equipped with a pre-amp with several controls that will enable players to customize both tone and effects like reverb or delay. Others boast built-in digital tuning features for hassle-free performance in live environments or when sharing stages with multiple musicians.

Solid-body electric ukuleles offer many features beyond electronics and pickups that make for an enjoyable playing experience, including high-grade materials such as bone or ebony in its nut and saddle for optimal tone production and playing feel. Fretboard inlays like dots and position markers help navigate and identify notes more efficiently, while some even come equipped with cutaways to allow greater reach on higher frets for advanced players.

Final Features of an Ideal Ukulele

The Flight Centurion Tenor Solid Body Electric Ukulele features a vintage burst finish over a flame maple veneer top and mahogany neck and body, and its dual humbucking pickups produce an outstanding rock tone, perfect for rock or other genres of music. Plus, its classic looks allow you to integrate additional effects pedals or stompboxes for amplified sounds at any venue!


Solid-body electric ukuleles tend to be pricier than their acoustic-electric counterpart yet offer the option of playing through an amplifier and adding effects pedals for use when gigging or recording artists want direct access to consoles, computer consoles, or computers. There are various brands of solid-body electric ukuleles; the Pixelator Semi-Hollow Body Ukulele is an exceptional quality/price option.

Mahogany gives this ukulele an exceptional tone when unplugged, while its onboard preamp provides a tuner, volume knob, equalizer, and phase control to give you ultimate sound control.

This soprano or concert-size ukulele comes complete with a deluxe padded gig bag for storage and transport. It features an easy and relaxing playing experience with its battery-free Mi-Si preamp and under saddle Open-to-Source piezo pickup that creates warm tones; it is additionally equipped with a hardtail fixed bridge and rosewood fretboard to add authenticity.

Solid-body ukuleles are ideal for players who prefer metal strings over nylon ones due to their heavier feel and richer sound quality. An acoustic-electric ukulele provides more of an electric-style sound while being more accessible to keep in tune than its solid counterpart. Furthermore, its comfortable feel ensures long sessions.

The Kala Solid Body Tenor Electric Ukulele adds an entirely new dynamic to ukulele recording, studio use, and amplified play. Perfect as an on-stage accompaniment alongside electric guitar or bass players alike; play cleanly or experiment with external instrument effects like Chorus Delay Distortion without fear of audio feedback!

This ukulele is designed as a performer’s instrument, boasting an eye-catching gradient blue flamed maple top paired with a mahogany body and neck, featuring a dual cutaway design to allow access to higher frets. Additional key features include a natural finish, a rosewood fingerboard with a 20″ radius fingerboard rosewood fingerboard, a hardtail fixed bridge, and raw bone nut back-through stringing chrome hardware.