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Chapters 0 and 1 begin benignly enough, as Eila befriends a tree before setting out in search of “something shiny.” But quickly after that, things turn bleak.


A Bug Player is a manga character who utilizes insects to improve their performance in video games, becoming a massive trend across anime and manga. This phenomenon has even inspired fans to create videos featuring themselves using bugs to improve gameplay. Eventually, this video will become widely shared online and become an ever-trending topic!

This manga is both exciting and novel, yet its message about “bugs” remains somewhat vague. I assume they’re meant to mimic video game glitches; however, many “bugs” seem more like hidden information in Jared’s knowledge of the world rather than exploitable flaws in its structure.

Overall, I found the story to be engaging and highly addictive. The characters are well-developed, and the art quality is outstanding. I would definitely recommend this manga to anyone looking for an exciting read!


The setting is a fantasy world, and Eila, the bug player, will explore a series of levels, each more sinister and sinister than before. The initial chapters set an innocent tone with Eila befriending a talking tree before her journey towards “something shiny” off in the distance starts in earnest. Soon afterward, she is sent to Chapter 2’s prison factory, where she must work (or fight) her way toward freedom.

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Solo Bug Player follows a young boy as he battles with an annoying insect living in his room. It is an entertaining manga with incredible character development and stunning artwork; what I especially appreciate about it is that its characters change and develop over time compared to other manga where characters remain static. I strongly recommend Solo Bug Player!

Solo Bug Player begins innocently enough yet quickly takes an unsettling turn as Eila befriends a tree and begins her search for “something shiny.” Chapters two and three take place within a brutal prison factory where she must work (or fight) her way out; chapters four and five feature Eila pitted against an oppressive king living within his castle.

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Once MC discovers he hails from another world, the story takes an unsettling turn. He must battle an evil shadowy version of himself that begins to turn evil. Multiple endings depend on your actions – either by gathering specific resources or through playing cards.

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