Solo Farming in the Tower Chapter 10 Spoilers


One day, an unfamiliar tower materialized. Surrounded by rugged terrain and dangerous monsters, yet offering endless treasures. When Sejun, an ordinary young man living a normal life by chance, becomes acquainted with this tower, he becomes excited at the prospect of making money through its depths.


An American corporation harvests its inaugural harvest of D-rank tomatoes at the bottom level of a tower, hoping to industrialize them and increase profits, but there’s one major problem: Theo’s tomatoes are so delectable! He stands alone as their producer in this tower; his popularity spread far and wide thanks to both cuteness and quality products, yet not everyone shares his interest in these little red fruits.

This chapter introduces another new character, Zerath, who oversees security at Theo’s merchant association. At first, he is suspicious of Zerath but soon finds out why his association brought him in when Theo and a recently introduced character are given an assignment to capture a kidnapped fox – something Theo can only accomplish through teamwork with someone unfamiliar.

Solo Farming in the Tower is an engaging manga series that follows Sejun as he navigates challenges within an enigmatic tower. Its atmospheric storytelling weaves moments of intrigue, gratitude, and reflection together seamlessly; characters’ unique abilities and friendships also play a pivotal role. Furthermore, this story’s mysterious setting adds further allure.

This manga is published on the Naver Webtoon service in Korean and is available to readers worldwide. The latest chapter of the manhwa features an unexpected conflict over food supply and shifting tower settings that transform it from a typical boss battle to a unique quest, providing plenty of surprises and twists that keep fans guessing until its official release date arrives. Raw scans for each chapter usually become available a few days prior to the official publication date.


Solo Farming in the Tower follows Sejun’s story as he finds himself trapped in an unfamiliar place and must learn how to adapt in order to survive. Through determination and creativity, he manages to overcome any challenges that he encounters on his journey.

Though the dungeon may be difficult, its treasures provide ample incentive for its visitors. Unable to escape on his own, he finds an alternative means of survival by growing crops and cultivating land while making money along the way.

Sejun seeks out companionship in his journey by making friends. He discovers that the dungeon is home to numerous magical beasts known as The Awakened One; in addition, Kueng becomes his loyal comrade and friend; this story explores their relationships and their impactful interactions with each other in real time.

This manga deftly weaves moments of intrigue, gratitude, and reflection together into an elegant narrative that is both stunning and compelling. The beautiful art and characters add further appeal; set in an exciting world filled with magic and adventure, its characters are both likable and memorable; its pace is smooth while the plot unfolds naturally.

Anyone interested in reading the manhwa can access its chapters through Naver Webtoon’s official website, which is available worldwide in Korean. Unfortunately, an English translation has yet to be announced as there hasn’t been enough source material produced; thus far, this comic remains exclusively Korean in language content.

Though no chapter of Solo Farming in the Tower has yet been released, fans should anticipate it soon. Raw scans provide lovers with an early preview of what to expect when the official release date arrives – providing fans with an excellent way to visualize what their next chapter may contain.


Solo Farming in the Tower, written by Sdcknight and illustrated by Lee Ha Kyung, has amassed an enormous fan base due to its captivating storyline and superb storytelling skills. Many eagerly await its latest chapter release date; this article will address its specifics – spoilers, raw scans, and where you can read it!

Solo Farming in the Tower’s latest chapter is an enchanting tale of friendship and adventure set within an ominous tower. Packed with intrigue, action, and human drama elements – including Sejun’s conflict over food as well as its transformation from dungeon to quest setting – this chapter stands out.

Chapter two offers several poignant moments of reflection as Sejun mulls over his relationships with Kueng and Kueng’s mother, with the blue moon providing an appropriate setting to remind Sejun of the meaningful connections he’s made on his journey. Adventure coupled with emotional depth adds depth to Sejun’s character arc, creating an exciting tapestry of adventure and intrigue that genuinely engages readers.

Solo Farming in the Tower’s next chapter will be released on November 23rd and can already be read online through official platforms like Line Webtoon and Naver Series, offering full access via premium subscription. In addition, fans may find additional chapters posted a day or two early via various manga sites – so it is recommended that fans subscribe to these services to ensure timely updates!

Release date

Solo Farming in the Tower is a shonen manhwa that follows Sejun, a young farmer living alone in an unknown tower. While others view his tower home as a dungeon, Sejun sees it as an opportunity and treasure-filled playground. Readers will witness Sejun take over plots of land to grow plants and animals on, host parties for his rabbits, celebrate the hatching of the queen bee, make deals with Kim from Phoenix guild for Tower coins in exchange for sending money home with family, make deals with Kim from Phoenix guild so he can send money home with him in exchange for magical cherry tomatoes from them!

Solo Farming in the Tower will release its next chapter on November 16, 2023, and promises more thrilling and captivating moments with its latest characters and exciting plot. Already, the manga has gained significant momentum due to its compelling narrative and art style.

Readers can enjoy the latest episode of manga online through Naver Webtoon, with Korean content available and accessible by creating an account and reading for pleasure without the costs associated with reading on mobile devices through Naver Webtoon apps like Naver Webtoon on their devices.

Apart from its official websites, Solo Farming in the Tower chapters can also be found at several other sites. There are manhwa sites that publish chapters directly in raw format; however, readers must beware as these may contain spoilers.

AquaManga and ManhwaTop both provide English translations of Solo Farming in the Tower chapters for free viewing, offering a range of genres.

On November 16th, Solo Farming in the Tower will release its second chapter, featuring new characters and quests as well as an Eldritch Abomination known as Fenrir; its mission is to destroy everything that exists and return the world into chaos. Furthermore, Sejun will fight off minotaurs who have been stealing his crops.