Solo Farming in the Tower Chapter 7


One day, an unexpected tower appeared in the city. Although its territory was filled with rugged terrain and dangerous monsters, there were also vast treasures waiting to be unearthed! Sejun, who led an ordinary life at home, found himself unexpectedly invited into this mysterious tower dungeon; now, he must farm, collect resources, and devise his survival strategy!

Theo’s Tomatoes

Theo sells many tomatoes, but his best specimen was an enormous one that Jessica bought despite feeling guilty for its price – more than her entire stash of Tower Coins at one go – but knew it would help Anna maintain a healthy weight following gastric bypass surgery, where depression had caused binge eating to return and her weight had once again skyrocketed due to depression and bingeing. It would be hard for Anna without proper diet control – which this tomato might provide.

The next day, Theo returns to Penticton and visits his old restaurant, which he once owned. To his amazement and that of his friends, Theo brings them an enormous three-pound tomato grown from his backyard! Astounded that this feat could even be accomplished, Theo offers more farming lessons to his friends while sharing some tips for raising their food.

While Theo enjoys his delicious treat, he notices that some of the other snails aren’t thrilled about him. They seem resentful and full of questions and criticism; this treatment of newcomers to an environment is not ideal; therefore, he needs to approach each situation with caution and tread more lightly in his interactions.

Cuengi comes to the rescue. Sniffing out a grade-A tomato, he begins following its scent until finally finding it on Theo’s turn-in contract.

Theo attempts to explain his situation to his fellow snails, but they don’t believe him. Chet reminds him of Remy from Ratatouille and is upset that Theo is getting so much attention. He expresses this sentiment through words or actions – perhaps feeling somewhat jealous that Theo has gained such notoriety among them.

Once more, his fellow snails come to his aid and launch an epic race against the French driver. Although he attempts to beat all of them on his last lap, they catch up and grab him on a final turn by a crow, leaving his brother behind to chase after it on trike; however, again, he is scolded, but this time, he comes up with a better

Zerath’s Inspection

Theo’s tomatoes have quickly become immensely popular thanks to the adorable charm and gentle demeanor of his dear, furry animal friend that quickly won over everyone’s hearts. He doesn’t stop to consider whether his demand may have become excessive until a US corporation arrives with their initial harvest aimed at industrializing production; then inspector Zerath comes along and inspects this new company, inspecting to ensure only good people are hired as employees – learning something about Theo along the way as he investigates.

Theo’s Mother’s Gift

Home, Theo carefully decodes her clues: one spells out NH4NO3 (an explosive chemical solution), while the other provides the Greek word for a seven-sister star cluster. She notices Ally has traveled around with her sisters under their maiden name, Elle.

She considers it to be a mere chance that one letter can create different words when moved around before going out to check on her sisters. When calling Pa Salt’s number in London, he doesn’t answer; she worries he might be concerned for her and worries for their safety as well as that of their sisters in case the titan has caught them all up together.

She inquired whether her mother knew and was surprised when he informed her she did. He proceeded to share stories about his family, including his businessman father and loving mother growing up in England’s countryside as an English rose. Later, she shared how much they had in common; both loved music (she played flute) as well as art, with their paintings hanging throughout. When he inquired further, he asked whether or not she ever spoke of them again, but she only mentioned them occasionally, so he arranged for her to fly into Geneva the following morning with his phone so they could stay connected if necessary.

Theo’s Quest

Theo receives a call from Jasper Palmer-Smith, his former Oxford professor. Jasper informs Theo that he and Hilda have left Oxford and moved out into the countryside, where they live an isolated lifestyle focused on preparations for world collapse or Year Omega. While Theo sympathizes with Jasper, he feels obliged to help find renewed hope for an old friend and mentor despite any feelings of obligation or self-obsession that might impede such efforts.

The next day, Theo arrives at Jasper’s to find him looking as though he has aged dramatically since six weeks and is feeling ill. Jasper tells Theo he has been considering moving back to Oxford so as to be “isolated from all these terrible events happening here.” In response, Theo suggests they apply for Sojourner status; sojourners are foreign citizens who provide services on behalf of the British citizenry in exchange for staying until old age.

Though Theo does not believe he and his mother qualify, he agrees to help Jasper fill out an application. Soon enough, they have a Sojourner living with them – though Theo remains uncertain of her influence or power within their household; nevertheless, he reminds himself of Jasper entrusting him with such an important task.

Back at Franz’s tower, speak with him to conclude this chapter and return to Mega Arena for Astrum’s contest with Will. To qualify for a Recruitment Event and enter this competition, complete Chapter 2 first; otherwise, you may miss some cutscenes in Chapter 8. After competing in Astrum’s contest, speak to seven in Command to begin part two of this story arc.