Pet Pride Cat Food Review


Pet Pride foods typically feature real meat as the first ingredient, providing essential nutrition for cats. Furthermore, these products feature fortified vitamins and minerals to provide your feline friend with a balanced diet.

Some recipes also include grains such as corn and wheat that may be difficult for some cats to digest, potentially leading to allergic reactions or sensitivities.


If you’re on a tight budget but need food for your pet, Pet Pride provides high-quality wet and dry foods at affordable prices, along with toys and care essentials to satisfy your cat.

Pet Pride offers a selection of flavors to meet the varied preferences of its consumers, such as chicken, salmon, and ocean fish. All these foods contain low calories while still offering many nutrients, including antioxidants and essential fatty acids, to support weight management and promote overall skin and coat health.

This brand also provides products tailored specifically for cats with special dietary requirements, such as grain-free wet cat food. Furthermore, its products do not contain artificial additives and ingredients that could compromise your cat’s health.

Kroger’s Pet Pride products are manufactured in the US, but their lack of transparency could cause issues for consumers who wish to ensure quality food.

Variety of flavors

Pet Pride provides a range of cat food flavors designed to suit any diet. Products are composed of high-quality proteins and vegetables; some even feature berries! Furthermore, this food boasts ample taurine levels – essential for heart health – plus it may aid weight loss in cats. If yours is a picky eater, try mixing some wet food into their kibble to encourage them to consume more!

Food from this company meets AAFCO nutrition levels established for all life stages, featuring antioxidant-rich tomatoes, blueberries, and cranberries to provide essential nourishment. Furthermore, their range includes both dry food and canned options.

This food is specifically tailored for adult pets and includes a balanced blend of protein and carbohydrates with low levels of fat and various vitamins and minerals for added nourishment and energy boosts. Furthermore, it’s an excellent source of taurine for cats!

Good for weight management

Pet Pride offers wet and dry cat food recipes designed to manage weight. These moist and dry foods contain protein, fat, and low carbohydrate levels while providing essential nutrition to promote overall wellness in your cat or kitten. Used alone or as starter food for kittens.

This brand has earned popularity with pet owners on a tight budget due to its budget-conscious pricing; however, its nutritional quality may fall below higher-priced brands; hence, it should not be recommended for cats with special dietary or health needs or conditions.

This cat food features various ingredients, from chicken and meats to corn and wheat fillers, that may be difficult for cats to digest. Furthermore, this product contains menadione, an unlisted form of vitamin K that may lead to liver toxicity and the destruction of red blood cells – though this product still makes for a cost-conscious solution for pet parents on a tight budget.

Contributes to skin and coat health

Pet Pride cat food is an affordable solution that offers a comprehensive selection of dry and canned options designed to meet the nutritional needs of adult cats and kittens alike. Offering delicious flavors to appeal to your cat’s taste palette.

Indoor cats who need nutritious food should choose this food because it’s rich in protein and fiber to support digestive, muscle development, and eye health. Plus, it contains taurine, which contributes to heart health.

Kroger Pet Pride offers a range of flavors for every diet imaginable and has options tailored explicitly to grain sensitivities or allergies and recipes optimized for weight management.

Pet Pride may not offer the highest-grade ingredients, but its affordable options still provide your cat with all the essential vitamins and nutrients for a happy and healthy life. Before choosing this diet for your cat, consult your veterinarian.

High in taurine

Our bodies cannot produce taurine, so it must be consumed through diet. Taurine is integral to vision, cardiovascular health, immune system function, and maintaining blood platelet structure and metabolism.

Taurine can be obtained through animal proteins like red meat, white meat, and fish. A deficiency in this nutrient may lead to Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and retinal degeneration in cats; symptoms often include exercise intolerance, syncopal/fainting episodes, and lethargy.

Pet Pride products contain animal protein as a primary source of taurine, such as chicken, turkey, beef, and salmon. Unfortunately, some of their products contain grain ingredients such as corn and wheat that have been identified as common allergens for cats; as such, they may not be suitable for those cats with sensitivities to these ingredients or allergies to corn/wheat/corn allergy symptoms. Furthermore, Pet Pride includes plant-based ingredients like sunflower oil that could make these food products unsuitable for those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, while their foods contain fillers that could not be healthy either.