Whole Paws Dog Food Review


Whole Paws’ freeze-dried raw dog food offers an alternative to conventional pet foods, made from raw meats that have been freeze-dried to maintain all their vital nutrients.

It contains labeled animal byproducts and no unnecessary additives; uses healthy carbohydrates like oatmeal and sorghum; includes probiotics and omega fatty acids fortified into its ingredients; and features a low glycemic index rating.


Paws Food only utilizes healthy human-grade ingredients in its dry dog food products for maximum benefit to dogs – this approach has many advantages for your pup, including improved skin and coat health, weight maintenance, improved digestion, reduced allergies, and strengthening their immune systems.

Paws offers a balanced diet for cats that’s easy on their stomachs. Their natural proteins, such as chicken liver, beef spleen, and chicken meal, contain essential vitamins and minerals, while prebiotics nourish beneficial gut bacteria with prebiotic fibers from plants; also included are digestive enzymes to aid in digesting proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Paws Dog Food utilizes natural ingredients and slow steam cooking to preserve the nutrients and flavors of its food, which may be gentler on sensitive stomachs and intestines than fast pressure-cooking of conventional kibble. There are no artificial colors or flavors used or added sugar. If you want to try this raw dog food with your pet, slowly introduce small amounts into their current diet, gradually increasing it until they consume all Paws food.


Paws Fresh dog food is made with human-grade ingredients and all-natural supplements designed to keep your pup healthy. It features organic fruits, veggies, low glycemic grains such as sorghum and oats for optimal nutritional balance, and natural probiotics and Omega fatty acids to promote good digestive health and healthier skin and coat in your pup.

Recipes using high percentages of animal protein are digestible and delicious for dogs. Ingredients are minimally processed, while slow steaming preserves all the vital nutrients. This cooking method simplifies digestion for sensitive stomachs while helping reduce waste caused by food intolerances.

Ingredients include meat meal (chicken, beef, and lamb) and salmon – natural sources of linoleic acid – which also help meet cats’ nutrient requirements. Furthermore, this company utilizes an exclusive formula to keep its pet foods low in ash levels to avoid contributing to feline urinary syndrome.

Additionally, this recipe features turkey as a source of protein for dogs. Turkey also boasts high concentrations of vitamin C, antioxidants, and insoluble fiber levels – two vital constituents in dog nutrition. Furthermore, being wheat-free helps prevent habitual chewing/licking caused by food intolerances, while being low on the glycemic index makes this food suitable for diabetic pets or those suffering from hyperglycemia.


Feeding your dog a healthy diet doesn’t come cheap; it requires love, time, money, and food. Unfortunately, higher-quality foods tend to be more expensive than their lower-quality counterparts, and this can become a real burden for pet owners already struggling to meet costs associated with pet ownership.

There are various ways you can save money on pet food. Many stores offer coupons and deals online, while buying in bulk may save on shipping costs and ensure the food remains fresh longer. Furthermore, consider shopping from stores providing a price match guarantee or price match guarantee when choosing where to buy pet food.

Whole Paws is an organic dog food brand with organic fruits and vegetables, human-grade meats, and premium proteins that are carefully slow-cooked to retain all their natural vitamins and flavor. Furthermore, its recipes are grain-free and free from fillers, by-products, or preservatives, making it a good option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Plus, its small bags fit easily into any grocery cart!

Customer Service

Paws Happy Life and Flock’s Finest are dedicated to keeping your pet healthy and well-being. Offering affordable yet quality food, treats, toys and accessories.

PawFood stands behind its products with the Bowl Licked Clean Guarantee to give you peace of mind that your pup will love them. FedEx ships them using sufficient dry ice to ensure the meat remains frozen on its journey from Indianapolis. Orders placed by 2 pm Eastern Time will be processed the same day for shipment.