Shipping Cars to Another State


When shipping a car across states, there are various methods available to you for doing it. One popular option is hiring an auto transport service provider. Pick out the best car shipping company.

The first step should be finding a trustworthy auto transport company with excellent reviews from previous customers and an established track record. The next step should be discussing your specific needs, such as pick up/drop off locations and the type of shipping required with them.

Enclosed Carrier

When it comes to shipping your vehicle, you have various options available to you – but not all are equally safe or affordable. Selecting the appropriate method for you is vital in ensuring that it arrives undamaged; open or enclosed car shipping are two popular forms of vehicle transference and should both be carefully considered before making a final decision.

Open transport is often the more cost-effective and ideal solution for most car owners and is the primary form of auto carrier service used by auto shippers. It usually uses large two-level trailers on highways to transport multiple cars at once – this reduces shipping costs while making pricing more cost-effective for them and their clients.

Open car transportation has one main drawback – your vehicle will be exposed to the elements during transit. While this usually won’t pose any significant problems for most cars, it could cause minor cosmetic damage over time. While this might not be a substantial issue if your car is relatively new and in good shape, collector’s vehicles or luxury cars that you want to protect are something to bear in mind when transporting openly.

Enclosed car transport may be more expensive, but it has some clear advantages that make the cost worth your while. Enclosure protects against weather elements while offering greater security than trailering your car; plus, there are usually only a few vehicles per carrier, meaning your vehicle can arrive faster.

Enclosed transport provides another significant advantage: protecting your car from theft and vandalism. While stolen cars do occasionally show up at their destinations, the likelihood of this occurring decreases if your vehicle is kept within an enclosed carrier.

People who opt to ship their cars using an enclosed carrier typically do so for specific reasons, such as moving to another state for work or school and needing an efficient way of getting there. In such instances, hiring an auto transport company that offers both open and enclosed car shipping will help guarantee their vehicle arrives quickly and safely at its destination.

Open Carrier

Car shipping has become an increasingly popular method for moving or purchasing a vehicle in another state. It provides a less stressful alternative than driving it yourself or hitching it to your truck, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire move process. There are various carriers available – both open and enclosed pages can be chosen according to budget and vehicle type for optimal results.

Open carriers are an affordable and standard method of shipping your vehicle, using long two-level trailers commonly seen on highways to transport your car from A to B. While these methods are safe, they might not provide as much security due to not wholly protecting against the elements (rain, snow, or flying road debris in lousy weather) as enclosed carriers do.

When selecting an open carrier for your vehicle’s transport, take into account how long and any potential complications it might encounter in transit. The longer a car remains inside its page, the higher its costs; distance also has an effect – long-distance moves and cross-country trips will typically incur more outstanding fees while shipping rates spike during busy seasons due to more people transporting their cars than usual.

Use an online car transport marketplace or auto broker to compare car shipping rates easily. A broker will find and assign carriers, while an online marketplace allows you to browse shipper profiles and prices and select your shipper. Both methods offer cost savings when compared with traditional shipping while simultaneously making the process more convenient.

Enclosed shipping encases your car in a trailer fitted with sides and roof for additional protection from the elements, providing luxury, exotic, or classic cars with added layers of security and protection from outside influences. Though more costly than open shipping options, enclosed transportation could prove a worthwhile investment if your vehicle is precious.


Shipping cars by train is an economical and effective option to consider for car transport. It reduces expenses and time expenses while reducing damage caused during transportation, with security measures often put into place to ensure vehicles are loaded and transported without incident. Unfortunately, this service may not be readily available everywhere across the nation – its availability depends on availability through specific rail companies such as Amtrak’s Auto Train service, which currently only operates between Washington D.C. and Orlando, Florida.

Assuming you live within reach of one of these train stations, the initial consideration should be whether or not taking this option would make financial sense. Be at your station by 2:30 pm on your travel day to check in your vehicle; journeying via rail takes 17 hours total; expect to pay slightly extra for this option.

If you decide to go this route, make sure your car is washed before placing it on the train; this will make documenting any damages more straightforward. Also, take time-stamped pictures both inside and out so if any scratches or dings appear upon pickup, you’ll have proof they weren’t present before.

If you live nearby and are willing to make the journey, this can be an excellent option for shipping your car across state lines. But for those in other regions of the country who wish to avoid driving their vehicle themselves, other methods exist for getting it transported across state lines without you going yourself. For more information about alternative car shipping methods and their associated quotes/tips, click here. Reach out to a reputable transport company that can guide your decision as to which is the best one for your needs/budget/and provide helpful tips about preparing it for shipping your car!

Guaranteed Pickup

Millions of Americans move their cars each year. Whether for work purposes or vacation, moving can be time-consuming and stressful, yet car shipping companies provide safe, fast, and convenient vehicle shipping solutions that make the transition seamless. Keep these critical considerations in mind when shipping your vehicle across state lines:

Before hiring an auto transport company to transport your vehicle on the road, make sure that it is in excellent condition. Remove any personal items from the car, wipe down surfaces, and have it inspected by a mechanic to make sure it is ready. Also, please provide proof of insurance to the shipping company when they pick up your car.

When looking for a car shipping company to move your vehicle across state lines, you must choose one with an excellent reputation and competitive prices. Comparing quotes online will allow you to locate several reputable firms; most offer free quotes right on their websites so you can get an idea of the costs involved with moving. Some will require up-front payment, while others allow payment upon delivery of your vehicle.

The price for car shipping services depends on several factors, including the type and distance of the shipment. For example, high-end sports cars with unique paint jobs tend to cost more than standard sedans for shipping; long-distance deliveries also tend to incur more significant expenses.

Shipping dates should also be taken as approximates; carriers provide an estimated window for when they will come collect your car. However, weather and traffic delays could delay shipment further. Therefore, it is advisable to remain flexible about when and where your pickup date takes place, as well as request door-to-door delivery services when available.

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