Toy Car Carriers For All Ages


Kids have always been fascinated with vehicles. From their first sight of a toy firetruck or an older sibling’s mini car collection, children are drawn in. These machines never fail to grab their attention! Discover the best info about خودرو بر.

AOKESI provides a transportation truck with a car carrier designed for children aged 3-12. The blue truck includes six cars, construction signs, roadblocks, oil cones, and an interactive carton city map – providing them with hours of pretend play!

Green Toys Car Carrier

Take your carload across the country with this Green Toys vehicle set! Featuring two working ramps to load and unload vehicles from its trailer quickly and easily, this classic semi-tractor and trailer toy encourages imaginative play while being easily sanitized for safe cleaning. Crafted in the United States from recycled milk jugs made in America – free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates & and external coatings, they’re both eco-friendly as well as child-safe!

The double-decker Car Carrier holds three brightly colored Mini Cars and can be used indoors or outdoors. Its durable construction can withstand even energetic play from enthusiastic car-mad kids, making it an excellent way for them to develop motor skills and imagination while being safe for younger toddlers, too! Made in the United States from post-consumer recycled milk jugs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, all Green Toys come packaged without twist ties or plastic films and feature eco-friendly inks printed using eco-friendly inks!

Happy Cruisers Car Carrier

Join in the fun with this colorful toy car carrier truck! Featuring chunky wheels, movable parts, and a detachable trailer that locks in two positions – transforms its rear door into a ramp to load two small cars at different levels – perfect for pretend play fun! Made of recycled materials with recyclable packaging. Kid-powered; no batteries necessary!

Included are a sky-blue sports car, blue police car, teal pickup truck, red roadster, yellow taxi, and light green 4×4. Suitable for toddlers 12 months and older.

DRIVEN by Battat Pocket Transport

Children can enjoy playing with their favorite miniature toy cars with the DRIVEN by Battat Pocket Transport! This toy vehicle carrier truck holds up to 12 Pocket Series containers or vehicles and is compatible with Pocket Series tracks (toy vehicles and tracks sold separately). When it’s time for adventure, load up the trailer by pivoting its rear ramp, load your container, connect to the truck via riding its trailer ramp, unload using an awesome launcher at the front of the car with just one push, unload from its launcher at the front where a toy car comes through its back hatch before hitting its roof button! Movable parts include support legs that fold down when not needed and a pivoting rear ramp – perfect for three-year and up play! Recommended for ages three years and up!

Every DRIVEN by Battat Pocket Series 3 Blind Pack contains one unboxed vehicle! Collect them all to build your very own DRIVEN city!

Wooden Car Carrier

Wooden car carriers are an excellent way to inspire imaginative play. Constructed from durable and sturdy materials, they can withstand rough latitude while offering adults a sense of nostalgia when playing as children themselves. Many are even made from recycled materials and will remain relevant over time; not only fun for kids but educational as well! These toys can even help facilitate role-playing or storytelling sessions between parents and kids!

The Wooden Car Transport Truck is an engaging toy designed to entertain children who love cars and trucks. Crafted from high-grade wood and finished with child-safe CPSIA paint, this toy is great for kids aged three years or up. Additionally, this toy comes equipped with six wooden toy cars for endless play! Perfectly complement any wooden toy collection!

Wooden toy car carriers are an excellent way for preschoolers to develop essential skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. Furthermore, wooden toy car carriers help children learn shapes and colors as well as develop cognitive abilities such as memory recall and distinguishing differences between various vehicles.

Wooden car carriers provide safe play for young children. Plus, unlike plastic ones, wooden ones are free from splinters and warping/rotting issues, making them more resilient than their plastic counterparts as they can stand up to rough play and transport easily from one location to the next.

Wooden toy car carriers are an excellent way for parents to foster their child’s creativity and imagination. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, these toys are compatible with railway track sets for optimal use. Furthermore, these easy-to-clean toys offer great value for money, available in various sizes and colors to meet every child’s preferences!

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