Victoria Cakes – A Pornographic Actress


Victoria Cakes, known for her distinct appearance and captivating performances within adult entertainment, has garnered her much acclaim in recent years. She has amassed an ardent fanbase due to these qualities.

Though she has achieved great success, she remains private about her personal life – this choice allows her to maintain separation between professional and private matters.


Victoria Cakes, also known as Andrea Crabtree, is an American adult film actress known for her stunning beauty and captivating performances in multiple movies and television shows. She has garnered an enormous fan base through these roles; moreover, Victoria Cakes can often be found active on social media, sharing behind-the-scenes content or sharing glimpses into her personal life with fans.

She boasts a petite body with an hourglass figure, standing at 5’8″. She sports black hair and brown eyes and wears a 38F cup-size bra, often flaunting them in videos uploaded online.

Cakes is an Instagram celebrity with over one million followers. She is active on the platform daily, sharing pictures and videos of herself. Her videos showcase her playful nature while her fans love her sensual fashion sense. Cakes is an accomplished actress who has built up a loyal fan base through hard work.

Cakes is not only known for her acting career but is also passionate about baking and cooking, experimenting with new recipes to share with her followers on social media. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and posting pictures from her travels on her Instagram page to keep everyone updated on what’s happening – an inspiration to many! Her hobbies provide a great source of joy.

Cakes tend to keep her family life private. She does not divulge much information about either her parents or siblings, yet she takes great pride in knowing that much of her success can be credited to their support.

Cakes has persevered through her obstacles and remains dedicated to reaching her goals and moving closer to realizing more in her future. With hard work and dedication, she will surely get the top, as she entertains fans with her incredible talent and beauty in the meantime.


Victoria Cakes of Florida has quickly established herself in the adult entertainment industry since making her debut as a p*rnstar in 2016. Since then, her incredible talent and captivating performances have rapidly made an impressionful statement about who Victoria Cakes truly is – captivating audiences and industry professionals alike with her stunning beauty. Her curvy figure and well-endowed posterior have helped set her apart from competitors while drawing admiring glances from fans and industry professionals alike.

Cakes is an experienced sensual performer who has collaborated with multiple production companies and established her brand through collaborations with lingerie and adult toy brands. She is well known across social media channels as well as her website, and she has an impressive following.

She is currently single and childless. Her stage name serves to protect her privacy; instead, she prefers to focus on her career rather than divulge personal details. Yet she still manages to keep followers up-to-date with videos and behind-the-scenes content from her videos and stays active on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where she engages with them directly.

Victoria Cakes is an accomplished actress determined to achieve success in her field. With her beautiful figure perfectly tailored for acting work and her sensual routines always in mind, Victoria Cakes stands out as an impressive and hardworking worker in Hollywood.

Cakes is known for her acting talents as well as her dancing ability, having won several dance competitions. She is an accomplished cook who enjoys trying out different recipes in her free time. Furthermore, Cakes enjoys reading books of various genres such as fiction, biographies, and self-help books, additionally supporting numerous charities.

Victoria Cakes is an adult film actress who has earned a reputation as an exceptional performer. A beautiful and charming woman, Victoria Cakes boasts an extraordinary sense of humor as well as captivating personality qualities that draw fans in. Her website contains several sexy and nude scenes for viewing; additionally, she excels at oral sex techniques as an expert lingerie wearer.

Body Measurements

Victoria Cakes, one of the premier adult film actresses, has become an industry stalwart thanks to her stunning beauty and captivating performances. Born and raised in Florida, United States, Cakes developed an early passion for acting. Through hard work and commitment, she achieved all her goals.

Cakes have the body to match her talent and work hard to maintain her physical appearance. Her tall figure and slim frame provide the ideal complement to her charming personality; at 32 years old and an astrological sign Virgo (height 5ft 8inch and 70kg respectively). Cakes draw the gaze of many viewers.

Cakes began her adult film acting career with Bang Production in 2016, filming her first scene with them. Since then, she has appeared in multiple movies and videos and expertly teased audiences while showing off her assets; fans have grown fond of Cakes’ curvier figure and generous posterior.

Cakes has earned both acting and webcam modeling careers with distinction. She boasts a large following on the OnlyFans page and Twitter, where she frequently shares lingerie photos; endorsement deals have also been secured, and event appearance fees earned.

Cakes remain relatively private when it comes to her personal life, refusing to disclose information regarding her family or children. Though she enjoys close ties with both, Cakes prefers keeping them separate from her professional career.

Cakes takes great pleasure in dancing and traveling in her free time, as well as cooking up new recipes in her kitchen. She takes great pride in her physical appearance and regularly practices weightlifting and yoga to stay in shape.

Net Worth

Victoria Cakes has established herself as one of the premier adult film actresses worldwide. She has won over fans with her captivating performances and stunning beauty, garnering vast amounts of financial success as a result. Victoria Cakes continues to thrive within this industry thanks to her dedication and hard work.

Victoria has also successfully leveraged her natural appeal and authenticity as an asset in various endorsement deals and partnerships with brands. These agreements have helped Victoria increase her brand recognition while expanding her net worth.

Victoria has experienced a roller-coaster career so far, and she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Victoria takes great pride in creating content that will linger with audiences long after viewing an adult film star video. Her future looks bright, and she looks forward to the journey that lies ahead as an adult film star.

Victoria enjoys many hobbies and interests outside her acting career, including traveling and experiencing different cultures, reading books, watching movies, as well as spending time playing with her two pet dogs and cat.

Cake is an exceptional entertainer who knows precisely how to connect with her fans and deliver an enjoyable experience for all involved. Her incredible talent and beauty have propelled her into adult entertainment prominence; there’s no doubt she will go down as one of its iconic figures in due time.

Victoria maintains an active social media presence and regularly posts images and videos featuring herself on the beach or wearing her favorite outfits to her fans’ delight – helping her establish an impressive following on social media.

Victoria keeps her personal life largely under wraps; the family has played an instrumental role in her success, and Victoria has taken great care not to reveal any details about it. Yet despite these restrictions on her privacy, Victoria has managed to build up an admirer base through hard work and determination.