Victoria Cakes Horse – How to Make a Victoria Cakes Frosting


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Though the Victoria sponge may appear straightforward, its ingredients remain an ongoing point of contention among those searching for its perfect consistency, crumb, and flavor. Purists prefer self-rising flour, while others add baking powder for an airier cake.


Eggs – To achieve optimal results, eggs must be large and at room temperature so they mix easily with the other ingredients. Milk – Used for moisture and texture purposes, usually 2%, but whole milk may also work; the butter should be unsalted to prevent lumpiness when frosting; the amount of powdered sugar you add will determine its consistency; less will create something closer to whipped cream while more may result in stiffer frostings.

Victoria sponge cakes are traditionally served unfrosted, with just a light dusting of confectioner sugar on top. This recipe calls for two 6-inch cake pans to create an affordable version of this classic British dessert.

Cooking time

Once baked, allow the layers to cool in their pans for five minutes before using a knife to loosen and remove paper liners. Baking should take approximately 25-30 minutes.

Victoria’s cake is an exquisite treat perfect for afternoon tea or any special event, featuring light sponge cakes sandwiched together with sweet strawberry jam and homemade whipped cream for maximum impact. A British classic, it is sure to leave an impression and lasting memory on guests at your gathering!

Most Victoria Sponge Cake recipes call for using two 8-inch round cake pans when baking the batter, but this version uses two 6-inch pans instead to produce a smaller cake ideal for serving four to six people. Furthermore, this version takes less time to prepare – only 10 minutes are needed to create strawberry compote, while cake batter can be assembled quickly – taking around 30 minutes altogether! This easy-to-follow recipe also makes this perfect choice for beginner bakers; keep an eye on its cooking time so as not to overbake your layers!