What to Look For in a Sled Dog Harness


The classic x-back design of sled dog harnesses captures a dog’s strength when fitted correctly for mushing, during, or canicross racing. Select the designer dog harness and leash set.

This vest features reflective materials, sponge padding on its chest and belly to disperse force across your body evenly, and durable yet stylish design features.


When selecting a harness for your sled dog, comfort should always come first. After all, any animal pulling heavy loads for extended periods puts immense strain on their neck, shoulders, chest, and back. – it is, therefore, vital that any harness used serves its intended purpose by being well padded all around to provide maximum comfort and help prevent injuries to both animal and owner alike.

The Neewa Sled Pro Harness features full padding around its chest plate and neck area to provide maximum comfort to your dog for extended wear. Furthermore, its spreader bar helps distribute weight more evenly to alleviate strain on their back muscles and hips, which is especially helpful when competing or with lean sled dogs who require less stress while pulling.

Another beneficial feature of this harness is a unique tether strap to prevent your pup’s torso from being pulled over their head, protecting their neck and chest from injury should they get caught between rocks or logs.

The Neewa Sled Pro Harness comes in sizes that should fit every dog from small to large, making finding one suitable for your pup easy and stress-free. Each product includes measurements and a sizing chart to assist with fitting.

Furthermore, the harness is constructed from high-quality materials and features multiple adjustment points—two on the neck and four on the chest piece—to get an exact fit for your pup!

Finally, tether straps can help keep your dog from experiencing frostbite on its penis, a severe risk for male sled dogs that can arise if their penis cannot get back into its sheath quickly enough. Frostbite causes immense animal pain, so avoiding frostbite at all costs should be your top priority.


Sled dog harnesses should provide both support and comfort when helping dogs pull. A quality harness should fit snuggly around any size or shape of a sled dog while remaining adjustable enough to meet its changing body type and needs, such as growth and weight changes over time. An adjustable strap is vital in keeping it in place during use to avoid accidental slip-offs over the head of pulling dogs.

Neewa Sled Pro Harness and Mountain Ridge Dog Harness are two of the finest sled dog harnesses currently available, made with your canine’s comfort in mind and using padding that ensures they fit securely without rubbing against skin or fur. They’re also great options for mushing as they support the weight without undue strain on the neck or back muscles.

The Neewa Sled Pro Harness features eight adjustment points to ensure it fits each dog perfectly and makes for an ideal option for all pulling activities like sledding, carting, skijoring, and bickering. In addition, it boasts an ergonomic hybrid clip made of metal and plastic that can support up to 350 pounds. Furthermore, it includes reflective bands in its back to increase visibility.

Dogs My Love Sledding Harness is another high-quality sled dog harness. Packed with padding at both the neck and chest, this harness comes in several sizes to accommodate dogs with neck circumferences of up to 29 inches, making it suitable for Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and St Bernards alike.

This harness is also suitable for dryland mushing and canicross racing, and its X-back design captures your dog’s power from shoulders through legs—this makes it a popular choice among mushers; however, some users have reported armpit rubbing issues in certain instances.


One of the critical aspects of any dog harness is durability. No one wants their long runs with their dog to end with them breaking or slipping off; furthermore, a strong harness should withstand regular pulling without compromising comfort for both of you.

Neewa offers this high-quality sled dog harness made of non-allergic materials to ensure maximum comfort for your canine. Ideal for all pulling activities such as dog sledding and trekking, its “X” shape is designed to distribute pressure evenly while its reflective element helps you see your canine even in low-light environments.

Made in the US and designed for dogs of all sizes, this sled comes in various colors to accommodate all canines. Additionally, there is a handy size guide to help you select an ideal size for your canine companion. Some customers have noted that improper wearing can get tangled up easily.

The classic X-back harness is the preferred choice of many professional and recreational mushers. Crafted from 100% polypropylene with TEBOX neck padding, this harness offers protection from abrasion and ice while remaining water-repellant. It is designed to snugly wrap around your pup’s neck before continuing along its back, stopping short of its tail. X-back harnesses are excellent at harnessing a dog’s pulling power; they should always be properly fitted to avoid strain on its neck or shoulders.

The Spreader Bar Harness (or Wheel Dog Harness, as some mushers refer to it) is another popular choice among mushers, designed to evenly distribute the load between your dog’s front and rear legs, helping reduce athletic injuries for your pet. Lightweight yet durable, it comes in various colors and is lightweight for more effortless wear on both legs of the animal. Some believe this harness adds more power than X-Back or Half Harness designs, while for some, it may cause discomfort due to sitting over the ribs – hence its alternative namesakes: Spreader Bar or Wheel Dog Harness.


A dog sled harness should provide your dogs with comfort, security, and durability during dog sled racing events. It should allow them to move freely without feeling restricted or stressed during races and have an easy on/off process, including an easily noticeable chest piece with padding to protect the dogs during their pull. Furthermore, its design should prevent escape during races, featuring solid and visible rings at both front corners with strong anti-pull loops to teach your pup not to pull.

Various dog sled harnesses are designed for specific features and purposes. One popular and widely-used design is the classic X back, used in most dog sled races due to its simplicity, low-tech requirements, inexpensive cost, reliability, and low stress level on shoulders and back – leaving their throat free from pressure stress! This style works best with traditional breeds such as Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes.

V-back harnesses distribute more power to your dog’s legs and torso than an X-back harness, offering greater comfort by allowing their ribs to expand more freely, which reduces the chances of chaffing or rubbing. They’re best suited to recreational mushers with eight dogs or less in their team.

Some mushers use a small safety rope connected from their waist to the driving bow of their sled for added protection if they lose control during a turn and run the risk of getting dragged behind it. Although not necessary for recreational mushers, severe or professional competitors should have such a line as a backup.

When purchasing a harness for your dog, review its manufacturer’s sizing chart and take back and neck measurements to find which size best suits them. A low-profile harness should sit low on their back; take measures from their withers down their neck area to their sternum to find their ideal size.

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