Wonder Pets Metacafe Review


Linny the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle, and Ming-Ming are adorable classroom pets-turned-adventurous heroes who work together to save animals in need. As a team leader, Linny emphasizes teamwork while teaching her companions fun facts about the different environments they explore.

The Wonder Pets receive a distress call from an animal in distress and instantly take off via their secret classroom exit, an inflatable flying boat made of Lego- and Tinkertoy-esque parts.

How to play

The Wonder Pets are an adorable, curious group of animals who love singing and learning together. Utilizing their extraordinary powers, they use them to solve problems and protect animals from danger. Each team member possesses a unique talent that helps them during each adventure, such as Tuck (a shy turtle who enjoys giving hugs), Linny (an intelligent lizard who likes solving puzzles), Ming-Ming (a fun-loving duckling who always seems ready to dance), Ming-Ming and Ming-Ming (whom all have unique traits).

“Amazing Animals,” Wonder Pets’ first season, includes 19 episodes that follow their adventures with various animal friends ranging from sea turtles to zebras, the Easter Bunny, and even visitors from outer space! Additionally, this show provides plenty of singing and dancing moments!

Some of their adventures include helping a groundhog (Mandy Patinkin) overcome separation anxiety and rescuing a lion cub from a circus tent. Furthermore, the Wonder Pets travel to New York City in order to assist a baby pigeon who becomes lost before it hits the Statue of Liberty.

Other adventures for the Wonder Pets include visits to Memphis and Africa, where they assist hound dogs who live in mansions to discover what it feels like to make music, as well as medieval England, where griffin tails become stuck beneath stones due to imminent drawbridge collapse. They even join a band of brave knights on an exciting mission – saving griffin tails caught beneath stones with imminent drawbridge closure!

Additional episodes involve visits to dirty city lots where the pets help a sapling grow and receiving calls from an imprisoned parrot. Furthermore, The Wonder Pets assist two marvelous cats and hip hippo learning to share stage time at a jazz performance in Greenwich Village while Buck, Tuck’s cool, coordinated older cousin, visits their classroom and ends up becoming trapped within its cubbyholes.


The Wonder Pets are classroom pets who work together to help animals in need. Linny Guinea Pig, Tuck Turtle, and Ming-Ming Duckling get ready for an adventure when their classroom phone rings by donning accessories (Linny wears her hat; Tuck wears shoes and a sailor’s cap; Ming-Ming has aviator goggles). They then dive into a fabric scrap box to dress themselves, often revealing which part of the world they will visit next. Before heading off on their adventure, Linny reminds her fellow travelers to value teamwork and trust one another. Once they arrive at an animal in danger, the Wonder Pets recall how they handled similar issues in class and work to solve this one as well. Sometimes, when they help an animal in distress, their parent or other relative shows appreciation.

The Wonder Pets also include Ollie, who, like Linny, is self-confident and an effective leader. Additionally, Miss Ginny encourages them to learn from their mistakes and celebrate their accomplishments with pride. In addition, they have a special alien friend called “Visitor,” who looks similar to an amphibious purple creature with two antennae; when he crash-lands on Earth during the episode “Save the Visitor,” he becomes close with them all and eventually becomes one of their good friends.


Wonder Pets are regularly called upon to assist an animal in distress somewhere on earth. Linny, Tuck Turtle, and Ming-Ming Duckling quickly put on their accessories (Linny’s hat, shoes/sailor hat for Tuck, and aviator goggles for Ming-Ming) before jumping into a box filled with fabric scraps so as to become outfits that correspond with where they will travel on rescue missions. This experience provides children with exposure to various animals and cultures from across the globe while teaching perseverance as the Wonder Pets continue solving issues even after encountering obstacles along their travels.


Wonder Pets, an animated series on Nickelodeon since 2006, has delighted children worldwide since 2006. After school, class pets Linny, the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming the Duckling, and Turtle Tuck go on adventures that take them all around the world to meet animals from various habitats and cultures while teaching kids important lessons about geography, history, and other subjects.

The Wonder Pets use their imaginations to rescue other animals in distress. One episode saw them attempt to save a Baby Blowfish but instead were swallowed up by an oceanic whale! In another scene, they helped an endangered caterpillar transform into a butterfly! In addition to rescuing young animals in trouble, The Wonder Pets teaches kids kindness towards others through their interactions.

While the Wonder Pets typically visit animal facilities to meet new friends, they occasionally venture into people’s homes as well. This is especially noticeable during episodes featuring Halloween when they try to assist a Black Kitten who is trapped inside its doghouse. Furthermore, they travel to Louisiana Bayou in order to rescue an elderly Bullfrog that fell into boiling water and travel back again into a child’s bedroom to assist a Goldfish.

In some episodes, Wonder Pets are joined by other classmates who share their commitment to saving animals. For instance, they assist a Hermit Crab that has outgrown its shell and help keep a chameleon from being chased by a Cuckoo Hawk, sometimes even meeting other classroom animals such as hamsters or elephants!